After Property Hunting:Put a down payment

Land remains one of the biggest investments to date. Investing in property has its fair share of challenges, we thought our property checklist might come in handy, making your buying decision easier. This list comes in handy before, during and after the property hunting process.
So what do you need to consider before hand? For one it is important to highlight which region you would like to invest in? This will be influenced by the type of property that will best suit your needs (housing, agriculture, office, storage etc). The infrastructure in the area is also very important, for instance the road network, shops, schools and other utilities also need to be considered. The development history and development forecast of the area does influence the property pricing and over all value.
Once you have answered the above questions and managed to find a property the next step would be to send a trusted individual to view the properties in order to get a feel of the market. Talking to a real estate agent will also give you a better idea of the overall viability of such an investment. The looking stage can be very time intensive therefore it might help to devote at least one day a week to serious property hunting.
Lastly, we would recommend keeping a property checklist. When you receive information on a lot of properties, individual features can begin to run together in your memory
Ask a relative or trusted individual to send you photos of various properties, inside and out, to act as reminders.
Happy Property Hunting!

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