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The Kikuyu Community Has Suffered For A Long Time-Opinion

It all started with a handful of protesters who grew up to
be nicknamed “rebels,” and in the process of pitting the
rebels, the AL-BU Nasir Community and the Magariha Community
were pounded with heavy air power in the name of
suppressing repressive regimes.

When the AL-BU Nasir Community rose up to protect Saddam
Hussein, they were pounded with heavy air power and
artillery and then crushed. When the Magariha rose to protect
Muammar Ghaddafi, they were grounded by being shelled with
heavy artillery and air power and then crushed.

At one time Saddam Hussein was accused of having tried to
kill former US president Bush Senior, and at one time Muammar
Ghaddafi was accused of the lockabie bombing.

After many decades, Saddam Hussein was made to pay for the
alleged murder attempt on the former US president. After many
decades Muammar Ghaddafi was made to pay for the alleged
involvement in the lockabie bombing. What would happen to the
Kikuyu Community just in case Britain has a secrete mission to
avenge the deaths of the many whites who died during the Mau
Mau freedom struggle in the hands of the Mau Mau freedom

President Uhuru Kenyatta is the current President of the
Republic of Kenya. No one knows for sure whether Britain
ever forgave the Mau Mau freedom fighters on whose hands
many whites died during the freedom struggles. Great
danger lies ahead of the Kikuyu Community if Britain
still holds a grudge against the off springs of the Mau
Mau freedom fighters.

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Year after year for a period of more than 13 years from
1992, when over 800 innocent Kenyans, 95% of who were from
the Kikuyu Community,  were attacked and killed without any
resistance, Britain and its allies kept silent as though
nothing was happening in Kenya. By not resisting those
attacks and not taking the law into their hands, those
attacked hoped that some Kenyans and the international
community would have reasoned with them and come to their

Although from the beginning I supported and
commended the intervention of the ICC into matters related
to the attacks in Kenya, I have held reservations and one
question which has continued to bother me. Why did the ICC,
Britain, America and other Nations wait for so many years
until 2008 to complain about attacks and killings which had
continued for many years since 1992, during which time and
period the Kikuyu community was attacked and killed year
after year, without them resisting the attacks?

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Why did they have to wait until the Kikuyu
community resisted the attacks in 2008 in order to intervene? What was the motive behind their silence? Did they want to see the Kikuyu community exterminated or did they rise up to intervene in the 2008 because they were disappointed to see the Kikuyu community resist the attacks? Can what was witnessed as the ability of the Kikuyu community to resist attacks, warrant destruction of the community by heavy air power as happened to the Al-Bu Nasir and the Magariha?

Surprisingly, no one including Britain and America Paid
any attention to the attacks and the murders for 13 years. It was as
though the interest of Britain and possibly America, was to
see the offspring of the Mau Mau freedom fighters, attacked
and killed without any resistance and without any sympathy
from any quarters whatsoever.

After more than 1,100 people from the Kikuyu Community
were attacked and killed during the 2008 post Election
Violence, the Kikuyu Community for the first time in
more than 13 years resisted attacks.

What became very Perturbing, perplexing  disappointing,
disgusting, annoying and worrying, was what followed
after the Kikuyu community put resistance to the attacks
during the 2008 post election violence. The entire
International Community and some Media houses in Kenya
rose up for the first time in 13 years to condemn the
Kikuyu Community. Never were the attackers of the Kikuyu condemned or challenged for 13 years. Naivasha where only 50 people from other communities died, became what was viewed as the center of the Post
Election violence killings in Kenya.

Therefore, the Kikuyu Community developed a lot of fear
when President Obama left out Kenya during his recent
visit to Africa. President Obama said that he would not
visit Kenya during his recent tour of Africa because
Kenya had unresolved issues  outside, but at the same
time he promised that he would visit Kenya before his
second term ended.

President Obama has only 3 years left in his second term
in office, during which time has promised to travel to Kenya, his
fathers homeland. Many Kenyans are wondering and others
are worried over what will happen in Kenya to pave way
for President Obama’s comfortable travel to there, within
the next three years. How will those issues which Kenya has with the outside be solved before his visit?

The Kikuyu Community Suffered a lot during the Mau Mau
struggles, it also suffered a lot more during the Moi
Regine, from attacks and from the deadly killer Changaa.
They also suffered alot during the Kibaki regime as the crack down on Mungiki took stage. should the Community be subjected to more suffering? No it should not, it has had enough.

OP-ED:Isaac Newton Kinity

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