USA And Kenya Must Seek Peace-50 Years Old Warm Relationship


USA And Kenya Must Seek Peace-50 Years Old Warm Relationship

USA And Kenya Must Seek Peace-50 Years Old Warm RelationshipPolitical hawks in both Nairobi and Washington mis-advising both administrations should not be allowed to ruin the 50 year old warm relationship between the two Countries. These self-seekers have bloated the issue of The ICC out of proportion creating the impression that there exist insurmountable differences between Nairobi and Washington administrations.

Luckily for the first time in very many years, both Countries have the advantage of having two extra ordinary individuals at the helm of their diplomatic offices in DC and Nairobi. Ambassador Robert F. Godec brings with him diplomatic professionalism unlike his successors who believed in bullish and militant approach.  He is loyal to his Country and respects the Government and the peoples of Kenya.

Ambassador Jean Kamau unlike her Predecessor Elkanah Odembo, an avowed Raila activist; is a dedicated Diplomat with a mission to rehabilitate the plummeting relationship between Kenya and USA. Her job is also cut as she strives to harmonize the polarized Kenyan diaspora.

Ambassador Godec wants the Uhuru administration to succeed; He has stated this and demonstrated his good will at every possible opportunity. He has asked Governors and those demanding more and more money to allow the new administration time to ground their roots as everyone grapples with the intricacies of the new system of devolved government. Unlike his predecessors he is not inciting the uncivil society ‘’ NGO’s’’ with money and propaganda to destabilize the Government.

The Uhuru administration must be advised to stop behaving like the Biblical Absalom who shunned council of his late father’s seasoned advisers in exchange for the wrong advice by reckless juveniles who did not care whether the King lived or died. Confrontation and posturing against Washington portends unprecedented catastrophe for both Kenya and Africa. China or the entire East will not go to war to protect Kenya.

It is true and well documented that Washington mishandled the ICC issue affecting both Uhuru and Ruto.  The likes of Johnny Carson’s past and current relationship with Raila informed the subversion of Justice perpetuated by Kofi Annan and Moreno Ocampo that saw Uhuru in The Hague instead of the real mastermind, schemer, planner, Financier and executioner of the 2007/2008 massacre.

Washington should demand from its agencies, The FBI and CIA ‘an explanation on how contaminated evidence and clearly compromised witnesses ended up all over Europe.  They are armed with nothing but Propaganda drilled in them by ICC and civil society operatives. How did documented evidence that the violence was  a political gimmick by a party leader to annihilate the Kikuyu community using his Militia, How did he  fail to make the list of The Hague ICC Court?


By John M



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USA And Kenya Must Seek Peace-50 Years Old Warm Relationship

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