ICC Video:Joshua Arap Sang left everybody in stitches in Defence

ICC trial ‘gross miscarriage of justice’ — Sang.

THE HAGUE; NETHERLANDS; A sombre mood punctuated with light moments characterised Day Two of the trial of Deputy President Willian Ruto and former radio Journalist Joshua Arap Sang at The Hague before the proceedings were abruptly adjourned.

Sang left everybody in stitches as he narrated why he is baffled by the prosecution’s allegations against him during a seven-minute presentation Wednesday.

“Did the Government fail to stop me from inciting people because I was too short to be noticed by law?” Sang posed.

“If surely this shortest journalist in Kenya could not be seen by the same Government that had raided another media house on suspicion that they intended to publish materials that was a threat to national security, then I don’t know,” the former broadcaster added.

As he made the presentation, Sang maintained a steady gaze at the judges draped in blue gowns who appeared to be all ears.

“My first cousin is married to a Kikuyu and there is no way I would have chased away her husband,” Sang said in an almost tearful tone.

As he narrated his story to the attentive court, Ruto who sat on the same row with his arms folded across his chest, looked at him almost in amazement — perhaps marvelling at his boldness.

The Deputy President would occasionally sip water sitting in front of him as he followed the proceedings.

Glass barrier

Ruto’s wife Rachael and his daughter, June, followed the proceedings from the public gallery MPs who had accompanied the Deputy President to The Hague and Kenya’s Ambassador to the Netherlands Makena Muchiri.

As Ruto sat in the courtroom, the only barrier separating him from his wife and daughter was the sound proof and transparent one-way glass.

At the end of the trial, Ruto walked out of the courtroom accompanied by Khan before he was joined by his daughter June and wife Rachel.

He gently held the hands of the young girl as they scaled down the stairs of The Hague-based court.

The DP passionately hugged the jubilant MPs who had been waiting for him in front of the court before he was driven away in four sleek Mercedes-Benz cars.

One of the drivers said that the vehicles had been hired by the Kenyan embassy at the Netherlands.

But as Ruto sped off, MPs remained behind and praised Khan for what they described as success in ‘dismantling the prosecution case’.

Kiharu MP Irungu Khangata, who is on record dismissing the Senate as having no purpose, hugged Khan and branded him the new Kenyan Chief Justice.

“This is Kenya’s new Chief justice,” Khangata proudly remarked as MPs jostled for a photo opportunity with Khan.

But has been the case since he arrived at The Hague, Sang largely remained a lone ranger.

Left behind

Although he walked out of courtroom with Ruto during the lunch break, the Deputy President and his entourage soon sped off in sleek cars leaving him behind.

And maybe to cope with the loneliness, he pulled out his phone and started fiddling with the gadget until one of his counsel, Kimutai Bosek, joined him and the two walked him down the street.

But the adjournment of the proceedings have thrown MPs who accompanied Ruto into a spin.-standardmedia.co.ke

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