Kenyans Suffering in China for lack of papers


Like the Jews in the period of 597 BC or 586 as is traditionally dated, Kenyans are now scattered all over the World and they are there in large numbers.Some countries like US,Britain and UAE have more Kenyan immigrants than others and because of the the bigger population in those areas,immigration issues are more magnified making Kenyans back home aware of the challenges for those wanting to migrate there.

China,being one of the biggest trading partner of Kenya has attracted quite a number of Kenyans,  few who are  legal while many of them are illegal.According to Elijah,a Kenyan living there,many Kenyans are suffering because of visa issues and they don’t seem to have somebody who can help.He feels that the Kenyan Embassy is not doing anything to help and they are left without knowing what to do.His question is “What is the work of the Embassy if it cannot help it’s people when suffering”.
He claims that there are  many Chinese living in Kenya without proper documents and it is OK while Kenyans are suffering in China. The Government should negotiate with the Chinese Government to establish proper guidance on how Kenyans living there can be helped to work legally.

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For now,the ministry of foreign affairs should intervene and help before the situation get out of hand.

Isaac Kariuki.

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  1. LWK says

    My dear Kenyan friends in China,

    Kenya is a capitalist country. China is not. They may act like capitalists everywhere else in the world, but their own country is a Communist country full of papers and orders of the Central Party who will call in loans when they want to and expect mineral and mining rights to every country in Africa they are operating in freely and with impunity for any values or quality standards (what are standards?)–and all because of the Almighty Yuen. The Chinese President is now called Supreme Leader. I mean, do you really expect there to be anything but hassles under such a regime? It is not a democracy! Even the Kenyan Embassy cannot operate freely in such a place. Doesn’t anyone study democracy in school anymore? Or maybe that is just a word to most; but the Chinese Government, it is an opportunity to exploit. Please understand that you will have few rights if any in such a place.

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