Ruto’s ICC lawyer links Raila to Mungiki


NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 10 – Deputy President William Ruto’s lawyer on Thursday exhibited video, text and photographic evidence linking former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) to former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga.

Khan took the witness to task to tell the court if he knew Odinga was seeking the Mungiki vote ahead of the 2007 General Election and if Njenga also supported the ‘No’ referendum campaign in 2005 which was Odinga’s position.

“Are you aware that in 2007 Njenga was supporting ODM and Odinga?” Khan posed and the witness responded; “I am not aware of that but I know some Kikuyus were supporting Odinga.”

“I am not talking about Kikuyus, I am talking about a group called the Mungiki,” Khan clarified to the witness who said there was such a possibility.

“May be he could support at personal level or with his group but I am not aware…I am not sure,” the witness responded.

Khan further informed the court that Odinga visited Njenga when he was in prison and gave him books such as ‘the 48 Laws of Power’ and also ‘Sun Tzu’s Art of War.’

The witness said he was not aware of Odinga’s contact with Njenga when he was in prison.

In a video recording presented by Khan, Njenga was heard saying that he supported Odinga’s orange party and his presidential bid.

“My problems started during the referendum and I said I will support the orange, so I and the rest of Central Kenya youth we supported ‘No’ at the referendum. We did the same thing during the General Election. As a person I wanted Odinga to be the President of Kenya,” Njenga was heard saying.

The witness admitted based on the video evidence that Njenga supported Odinga’s presidency and his ‘No’ side during the referendum. “I have just watched and seen now and from what I see, I can believe it because he is the one speaking.”

Khan also showed to the court yet another picture showing Odinga hugging someone with Njenga standing close to him witnessing and appreciating the hug.

Another photo showed Odinga being crowned as the ‘King’ of Kikuyus with Njenga holding a Kikuyu elder’s traditional hat on Odinga’s head.

The video, photographs and online exhibits were accepted and included as Ruto’s defence.

Khan further challenged witness P0326′s evidence regarding the leadership of ODM in the Rift Valley claiming that some of the leaders he named on Wednesday were actually not holding the positions in the areas he outlined.

Khan further detailed several key meetings in Naivasha and Lukenya in which major ODM decisions were made and the witness said he had not attended them contrary to his prosecution evidence that he was present during the founding of ODM.

Khan claimed that ODM was founded at a meeting in Lukenya, Machakos.

The trial however went to another private session which has been the order since the trial started on September, 10.

Cross-examination by the defence continues on

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