MPs say devolution a disappointment to Kenyans


Two members of parliament from Laikipia have criticised the devolved system of government as not being helpful to Kenyans.

The legislators have said devolution was taking up more money to finance wage bills and governors’ lifestyles than for development.

Speaking separately, Laikipia East MP Anthony Mutahi and a nominated MP from the area Ms Sarah Lekorere said devolution was not turning out the way Kenyans expected.

Mr Mutahi said parliament might have to rethink about the counties system and strengthen the Constituency Development Fund (CDF ) as basis for devolution and development.

“Devolution is having problems.

A county is being allocated about Sh3 billion and 80 per cent of that is going to recurrent expenditure.

Devolution is not about salaries, fuelling vehicles, foreign travels and holding workshops,” the lawmaker said.

He was speaking to former internally displaced persons at Shalom Primary School after touring their new settlement at Wiyumiririe in his constituency on Monday evening.

Mr Mutahi said parliament might demand that the CDF allocation be increased and do away with the counties.

The fund, he said, was being allocated a mere 2.5 per cent of the national revenue yet it was doing marvelous work while counties were getting 40 per cent with very little to show for it.

“Constituency development funds can only spend six per cent on recurrent expenditure while counties are spending 75 per cent and leaving very little for development,” he said.


The legislator also said the Senate might be scrapped for being against parliament.

He said senators had tried to block the MPs from controlling the CDF and Uwezo Fund.

Speaking to the Nation on phone Ms Lekorere said it was unfortunate that the idea of devolution had been misunderstood and many governors were abusing the system.

“It seems devolution has been misunderstood and many governors have seen it as an opportunity to create jobs for their relatives and friends,” she said.

The MP said the governors were particularly spending a lot of money on foreign and local travels yet they had not undertaken any tangible development

Laikipia East MP Anthony Mutahi (in striped shirt) during the inspection of a classroom under construction at Kariguini Secondary School in his constituency. The construction is being funded by the area CDF kitty. Mr Mutahi has criticised the devolved governments saying they have not benefited Kenyans. He said CDF allocations were only 2.5 per cent of the national revenue and have done marvelous work while counties get 40 per cent with very little to show for it. PHOTO/MUCHIRI GITONGA.

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