Ruto’s ICC trial may be extended beyond November 8

HAGUE, NETHERLANDS: Deputy President William Ruto could still have a date with The Hague judges after November 8 following the postponement of the trial against President Uhuru Kenyatta.
The new revelations comes even as Ruto in a new plea is asking the judges to allow him skip his trials next week.
The three Judge bench of the International Criminal Court have mooted that there could be more sittings in the Ruto case before the December recess.
“Kenyatta case has been adjourned over to February. We need to discuss the implication of that before we adjourn this session. Whether we can use the opportunity in the Ruto case,” Presiding Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji indicated today morning.
The Prosecution, the defence of Ruto and that of Radio journalist Joshua Sang are expected to make submissions on the suggestion this afternoon.
The Trials against Ruto and Sang was scheduled to officially adjourn on November 8 to pave way for the trial against President Kenyatta on November 12.
However, on Thursday, the Trial Chamber V (b) ruled that Uhuru’s trial would commence on February 5.
In the morning, Ruto’s Lead Counsel Karim Khan also indicated that Ruto is seeking permission to be away from his trials next week.
It’s not yet clear why he is seeking the excusal.
The deputy president was allowed to return to Kenya over the weekend to allow Uhuru to attend a regional summit in Rwanda.
He returned to The Hague Thursday on the same day Sang was denied a similar excusal to attend the graduation ceremony of her daughter.-standardmedia

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