The Hague:IS The West Ready To Lose Africa To The East?


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The ICC/Kenya case went to The Hague because of poor decision by Kenyans, and political machinations by a conniving West through Kofi Annan. The ICC prosecutor hijacked the case midstream for ulterior motive and not the fronted theory of; Justice for the victims, war against corruption and Impunity.

Over 1300 lives were lost, 85 pro-ODM apparently through Mungiki and overzealous police officers.  Uhuru is accused of being a party to this deaths and preceding rapes and other atrocities, over a month after the chaos started.

According to ICC over 1000 lives plus; were Kikuyu, targeted for annihilation by ODM. Ruto and Sang are the suspects in this case. The two groups of Victims at the ICC are evidently skewed towards the pro-ODM.  The Attackers are more represented as victims.  ICC should publicize the origin of the so called victims on both teams.

ODM commander who called and led this massacre is free, and clearly decides’’ through proxy the direction of the case. In the West he is as white as snow.

This case is a travesty of Justice, and must be terminated to give room for proper investigation and prosecution of the real culprits.

The prosecutors ignorance of clear facts about witness tampering, bribery, threatening and open brutalization by her office has manifested ICC  as a Western Imperialist scheme to effect regime change in Africa. This school of thought assumes preeminence viewed from the glaring evidence; those that have been charged at this Court since inception are from the Africa continent.

The case has for the second time been hijacked by a third party, The East is clearly manipulating the case to punish USA for past mistakes, and wrestle trade superiority from a besieged west.

The Integrity of this court has been fundamentally eroded by sustained complaints by the defense, and resent empirical evidence denoting numerous incidents of affront to justice by the OTP. The ICC Prosecutors belated  attempt to deny the defense complain with her own prove that in did witness tampering is rampant, only helps to legitimize the defense’s protest that witnesses have been greatly compromised.

For justice to prevail, this cases must be suspended and all this claims and counter claims interrogated for their adherence to the truth or otherwise. This must be done in open court.

Comments by British and American politicians justifying their rejection of the court as a judicial forum safe enough to try Americans and British citizens, clearly indicated that the court was not formed to try either the British Prime Minister or the President of USA. India was sport on that Most of the Legal minds would be sourced from third world Countries, something they implied was unacceptable.

USA Foreign policy on Africa and mainly on its allies on war against terror has come under sharp scrutiny from the Continents political observers. At home, Legal experts such as David crane, the former ICC Prosecutor and renowned Diplomats such as Jendayi Frazer; have struggled to point out the dangers of sacrificing allies at the altar of lies and Propaganda. There is no evidence this advice is under consideration.

Immediate past debacles by US in Africa are depicting the only World supper power as one benighted monolithic house of babel. Egypt, Libya, Kenya and many more, are not a creation of USA diplomats from the State Department; most of whom are loyal, men and women of Integrity who value and respect Africa’s partnership with Washington.

It’s a creation of bureaucrats such as Jonnie Carson in DC, who promotes the likes of Ocampo and Bensouda. They advise disregarding Intelligence agencies run by credible civil servants and professional diplomats; in exchange for cheap propaganda by political mercenaries such as  Makau Mutua, Maina Kiai, Gladwell Otieno, Omar Hassan and the NGO’s they represent

In resent past, International forums set by the West are preceded by comprehensive consultation with NGO’s. Although this fellows have no known public support in their countries of origin, they are shaping the relationship between the West and African Nations. NGO’s are given more prominence than democratically elected leaders.

Humiliated African leaders emboldened by discoveries of tones of numerous types of minerals in Africa, have decided to head east. Evidently the West has been out foxed by the East and are still in shock. Although the longtime benefit for The Continent of Africa is not clear, China, India, Russia, and others have schemed to edge the West from Africa without a fight.

The east have craftily encouraged this direct collusion between Africa and her Former ally for two distinct reasons. The west appears oblivious to both economic and security repercussions, posed by the ICC poor investigation and prosecution of the case’s. The war against terror is bound to suffer irreversible damage, if the Government in Nairobi is to be replaced or continually interrupted by this conspiracy.

Up to this point The East has nothing to fear from the terrorist groups, their nations have not been attacked nor are they targeted. Their citizens freely travel around the world.  What then informs their scheme? It can only be to gain security and economic space over the West. Why then is US and the West hell bent to destroy their Strategic ally against Terror? May be, Jonnie Carson and Kofi Annan will tell the next world after they destroying this one.

John Kamau




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