The Best Xmas Gift for Kenyans: Media Black out?

In Nyayo Estate, a well organized gated community in Nairobi, the residents, especially the friends I was visiting last night were up in arms. At around 7pm the man of the house took the remote control and switched to Citizen TV. I was watching BBC World news to catch up on the Southern Sudan madness. Feel Sorry for the women and children of Africa. It seems true that when two bulls fight, the grass is displaced. In this case, the two idiots in power have decided again to kufa kiume: Who cares about those poor women who have to gather their children and belongings to sleep outside in the cold. On the other hand, what do you expect from African Male leaders? Right?
Any way the message on the screen lamented about a judge in  the high court who decided that the Royal media, Standard Group, and Nation Media had enough time to  “migrate” to the digital age! I mean, Kenya has a Digital president, Digital aaaah overpasses, and what else? I cannot say Digital network because this cyber place internet is so slow and the key board is so old I am getting tired of writing. Any way, the couple in the house, though waiting for the news, really were going to miss their Spanish English lipped SOP about miserable people in miserable relationships! Depressing! Yes and Nigerian witch craft!

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Who needs the media houses in Kenya! We tried K24 and KBC and they were on. Wala! They were Showing the same news that the other networks would have showed. The Kenya Media houses show the same news, same commercials, same sops and the news anchors are these Kenyan women whose faces are “pakard” so much and who want to look like Judy Gichuru! Hair and everything.
Therefore even though my couple friends are depressed by the media blackout, I am glad there is 3 less networks to chose from. At least Kenyans can now concentrate on celebrating Christmas with family instead of some miserable Spanish lip lipped English nonsense! Great Xmas gift to our people.
Merry Xmas to all my readers and thank you for checking on Diaspora Messenger for my, what do I say?……bra bra bra bra! May God be present in your place this xmas!
Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) In Nairobi

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