Surprise:Teacher Wanjiku Explains Her Absdence On Churchill Live


Teacher Wanjiku has been missing from the TV screens for quite some time now. This came after she captured the country’s attention through her appearance on Churchill Live.

Her performance and strength during the show that airs on NTV grew with time and she soon became the most anticipated act for the comedy night held at The Carnivore Restaurant every Thursday.

Wanjiku’s star shone so bright that corporates came calling for her services less than an year after she joined TV comedy. However just when Kenyans were getting used to her , she disappeared to the dismay of thousands of fans who watched Churchill Live with baited breath to see her.

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Her exit has been shrouded in controversy with many assuming she had taken a break to avoid burn out or didnt want over exposure which is counteractive for an artist of her caliber. Well turns out , Teacher Wanjiku has indeed said her goodbyes to Churchill Live.

The headmistress of Kenyan comedy now reveals that she quit the popular show to focus on other projects. As she puts it, “I am not leaving comedy, i just got started” However all indications are that she is set to launch her own show, a move that many would discourage as Eric Omondi once tried that and hit the wall only to return ‘home” to Churchill.

He has now matured in comedy and while he doesn’t have his own TV show, he hosts his own comedy shows in the country and beyond. Many would argue that Teacher Wanjiku’s move is ill timed seeing that its just over an year since she made a name for herself, whether it works for her only time will tell.

The actress however reiterated the fact that she and Churchill were in talking terms and that she had informed him about her planned exit before

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