Deputy President William Ruto and Ford Kenya Leader Moses Wetang’ula are understood to be quietly working on a political pact ahead on 2017.

The two leaders have been holding regular talks with the aim of a political partnership although details of their discussions have remained scanty.

“I can tell you for sure those two have informally discussed the possibility of working together especially after Wetang’ula emerged triumphant in last month’s by election,” said an MP known to be close to Wetangula.

Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa last week let the cut out of the bag when he told a political meeting in Trans Nzoia when he said ” we are happy that Ruto wants to work with Wetang’ula”.

Ruto believes Wetangula is a strong politician who has the capacity to mobilize the luhya, unlike Mudavadi and Eugene wamalwa,

Ruto has been courting the leaders in the region through UDF allied MPs, but he had to abandon the project after it emerged the group, consisting mostly youthful MPs, has no network in the region.

The MPs, who include Ayub Savula (Lugari), Emmanuel Wangwe (Navakholo), Bonny Otsiula (Bumula), Malulu Injendi (Malava) Dan Wanyama (Webuye West) were abandoned after they failed to guarantee the DP instant support on the ground.

Yesterday Wamalwa, a key ally of Wetang’ula, said that there was nothing bad if the two leaders met and discussed matters affecting Kenyans.

“Am not aware of any meetings and even if they met, as leaders they also enjoy the freedom of association to meet anybody as long as it was a matter of value addition to the country,” Wamalwa said.

“If Ruto is being shortchanged as we know, the Cord door is very open for him and we have told him that we will welcome him with both hands so that we can form the government together,” he said.

The win in Bungoma last December has rejuvenated the cord principal who has now set his eyes on the presidency and has been moving across the country asking Luhyas to register as voters.

Luhyas are the second largest tribe and Jubilee has been trying hard to win over the western region.

This week the Star exclusively reported that the President was about to shuffle his cabinet and bring in Musalia Mudavadi as the minister for information.

The meetings between Ruto and Wetang’ula, according to a Cord MP, have been taking place since after the March 4th 2013 elections.

The two met last week in Karen and were also scheduled to meet immediately after the homecoming party for Vihiga MP Yusuf Chanzu that was graced by Ruto and Mudavadi. But it was canceled because the Deputy president was meeting other leaders at his Sugoi Home.

It is claimed that part of the thinking is to pluck Wetang’ula and his co-partner in Cord Kalonzo Musyoka so that Raila will be left alone.

“Their long relationship dating back to the KANU days when Wetang’ula was the party’s legal advisor could be significant to their friendship,” the MP said.

He said that the two have never exchanged harsh words other than during the 2005 referendum debate on the new constitution. During that time, Wetangula’s side that supported the then proposed constitution failed.

“It is critical to note that Ruto who has been the face of the government has never commented on the incident where Wetangula’s car was allegedly short at even after the Senator blamed the government claiming that it was an assassination attempt against his life,” the MP added.

Insiders of luhya politics say that dalliance between Ruto and Wetang’ula is hardly surprising. The rapprochement between the two is believed to be the consequence of the fallout within Jubilee that has seen TNA and URP speak at cross purpose.

Ruto is said to be desperate for the luhya support and he sees Wetangula as a key plunk in his political ambition

With the rift in Jubilee rising fast, Ruto had to get a politician from the region who could make things move and mobilize the region to vote in a particular way.

Mudavadi was out of option. First, the two leaders do not see eye to eye since their days in ODM. Some reports have suggested that it is Ruto who has stopped Mudavadi from a cabinet appointment.

Two, the former deputy Prime minister was gravitating towards President Uhuru, much to the discomfort of Ruto.

Those are in the know say Ruto may have helped fund Wetangula during the Bungoma by election after TNA decided to support Musikari Kombo.

In fact the same source told the Star that Ruto is reported to have asked former Mt Elgon Mp Fred Kapondi to keep off the campaigns in an election that saw Wetangula resoundingly retain the seat.

It goes without saying that soon after the by election, Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa publicly declared that Ruto should contest in 2017 and offered his support.




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