ODM (Arsenal FC): Why Arsene Wenger (Raila Odinga) must get a good striker (Ababu)


RAILA-5114-MAINSometimes back I used to be a member of Kirigiti Football club. We were a good team and WE won cups. In my time we won the Runda Youth Sports Association Cup (RYSA). Just like in politics sometimes violence erupted and funs fought while we the players exchanged Jerseys. Again just like in politics.

In football players are given roles and the role has a number. The role that one is given Is determined by a number of factors. There is the goalkeeper, the defence and the striking force. The goalkeeper must be flexible and dominant, that is why some teams make him a captain. For instance long ago Arsenal had Jens Lehmann as their captain. Lehmann was a worldclass goalkeeper and his role in winning the 2004 FA cup was exceptional .

The defence part is made up of rough and strong men. People who can “Mishandle” and intimidate strikers . They are also supposed to ensure that the ball is always on the opponents half.

Strikers on the other hand are swift and crafty. Dribbling tactics and speed is of essential. They are the guys who score. Sometimes girls fell in love with strikers. The referees too may protect a good striker.

In a team there is also what we call the middle fielders. Player number six takes this role. H e is neither a defender nor a striker. He takes all the roles . He must be rough and swift. Number six balances the game. He assists the defence and serves the ball to strikers.

Just like in football politics too take a similar arrangement. There must be flexible, dominant, rough, swift and people who can mix some of the qualities.

I am quite interested with the ODM elections and this analogy might be of good help. Their ODM Captain in fact is a football fanatic.

In particular I am interested with Namwamba ‘s candidature. The young man has his place in Kenya’s History. He is part of the young parliamentarians who delivered a new constitution to Kenya. In the midst of PNU /ODM scuffles the likes of Abdulkadir , William Ruto , Kenyatta, Mudavadi, Karua, Millie Odhiambo, Kioni et al triumphed and gave Kenyans a new Katiba.

Mr Namwamba’s elder brother Tom fell out with Odinga. Ababu ‘s candidature for the Sec Gen post may also lead to the worst . Just like it would have been Odinga doesnt favour his candidature. To say it frankly- Odinga does not want Namwamba to be the Sec Gen .

By Odinga rejecting Namwamba , the old man is doing a blunder. His usual political blunders. Namwamba combines rare traits that makes him an adorable politician.

Back to our football analogy. Namwamba is both rough and Swift. He can defend and strike in the same speed. He is a good number 6, traits that are essential for a Sec Gen . If the young man is rigged out ,ODM will deny itself a good player.

Odinga who is an Arsenal fan might be learning a lot from “Prof” Arsene Wenger who made Highbury and now Emirates a training ground rather than a winning team. Greenhorns like Dr. Zani are good in politics but only for symbolism. The fact that ODM needs a woman for gender equality does not allow ODM to symbolize equality harphazardly .

Finally ODM needs Zani but it needs Ababu more. Just think about it.-kenya-today.com

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