Kenyans On Twitter Kill Robert Alai


Despite the fact that the twitter topic “RIP Robert Alai” has been trending since morning, this Kenyan controversial blogger is alive and well. We believe so as he his twitter account has been active the whole day and he seems to still be going about his business. He is the latest victim of a death hoax as we have seen similar case scenarios especially with international celebrities for example Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, Keanu Reaves and so on

Twitter has been known to spread false death reports. Alai is not a favorite of many considering his spiteful ways of conveying information online and the angle he uses to attack other popular personalities in our society. Just to name a few instances, like when  he decided to insult Eric Wainaina during the reality show Tusker Project Fame 6, when he harshly  attacked and insulted the guys in the diaspora or his endless hurtful messages he frequently posts on Facebook, Twitter or his personal blog.He will even post comments or thoughts targeting a specific group in the society for example criticizing the unmarried women and so on, Alai will stop at nothing to air what comes to mind.Most of the time he ends up looking shallow and just desperate for attention.  He forgets that the internet has a way of storing information and some of these things will come back to haunt you when you least expect, because  before you decide to use the delete button someone somewhere has already taken a screen shot of it.

It is not clear yet what motivated other Kenyans on twitter to kill him but now he has a view of how people would react incase he was to pass away. Here are some of the Tweets from this trend.

Robert Alai

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