WOW Video:Obama’s Airforce 1 and Marine 1 land and Take Off in style


President Obama is in the Netherlands for the Nuclear Summit, he is also scheduled to meet the G7 leaders in the Hague.

The Dutch are known to be so direct and real, to them president Obama is a friend and an American citizen with enormous responsibility, guess who they dispatched to receive Obama at the airport?

YES, the Mayor of the sin city of Amsterdam was the highest ranking VIP at Schipol International airport to receive the most powerful man….. and you may wonder why NOT the country’s Prime Minister?

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hahahaha……Prime Minister Mark Rutte had other things to do but most important was to fix his bicycle ….of-course there were no dancers or Army parades at the airport!

Anyway am only sharing this video since it captures the behind scenes of the American presidency, watch both air-force 1 and Marine 1 do the landing in style.

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