Barrack Obama’s Auntie Zeituni Onyango Dies in USA


The aunt of USA President Barack Obama who has been sick for sometime, Zeituni Obama, has died in USA. According to family sources, Zeituni died this night in Boston.

Mama Sarah Obama is really devastated by the news of the death of her daughter. Former PM Raila Odinga recently visited Zeituni in Boston hospital and shared the picture below. Zeituni who is a Muslim might just be buried in USA but Mama Sarah Obama wants her brought home.

Zeituni is the half aunt of US President Barack Obama. She is famously referred to as Aunti Zeituni in Obama’s memoir Dreams from my father. She moved to the USA in 2002 after resigning from her Computer Programmer job at the then Kenya Breweries (now EABL). She stayed as an illegal immigrant in USA before applying for asylum claiming that there was violence in Kenya.  She was denied asylum in 2004 but retained legal representation.

Her case was leaked to the media prompting US’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to order an internal review on asylum deportations. Critics of Obama’s immigration policy often cite Zeituni’s case.

Zeituni Onyango

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