Diaspora Village Agriculture Update


I hope you are all well in the Lord. During April, I was in Kenya pursuing the Agricultural land project and I managed to strike very VERY good deal for the project.

I decided to approach all the supermarkets and asked them whether they will give us supply contracts if we farmed using European Standard guaranteeing supply of fresh fruits and vegetables and also other farm produce like pork and eggs. They all signed up and I managed to get 4 contracts plus contracts with six 5* hotels. This made me change the project plans slightly to a “Controlled Project”. The land location is now strategically located near tarmac after consultation with many buyers.  We have two parcels in Kajiado and one in Emali. The reason we have one parcel in Emali is because some fruits and vegetable grow better there than Kajiado. Allocation is on first come basis.

We managed to get land in 3 locations BUT on tarmac. Diaspora people don’t like land too deep inside. We have packaged the Agricultural project as a “Controlled Project” where every buyer will get a permit of what to grow. This will ensure that we do not all grow the same thing and ensure maximum crop rotation. In return, we guarantee you access to direct market. FROM 2 ACRES, INVESTING ONLY KES 100,000, you can make KES 5.m per year.

The land is yours, the staff are yours. All we are saying is that we will show you how to do maximum crop rotation, and as a project, we are also employing a qualified Agricultural Officer who will advise your staff on European methods of farming and crop rotation for maximum yield and disease control. We are also getting advise from the ADC.

Land on tarmac is slight more expensive. Every acre is priced at KES 650,000 and the people I was with all agreed that it is better to have land near services that is slightly expensive. Minimum is 2 acres. The farming we going into will start putting money into your pocket in 3 months. I have seen it happen in Gloucester in UK. The capital input is very low. Imagine NOT sending money home any more because you have cash coming in.

We are strict now on this project. Because you take procession immediately, we are only looking for VERY serious development minded individuals.

As a company, we are now very credible having delivered on Diaspora Village plots titles. We also have now over two years experience under our belt. That is why are challenging ourselves more. THIS IS THE FIRST CONTROLLED AGRICULTURAL PROJECT BY THE KENYAN DIASPORA.


Diaspora Village
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