Drama as archbishop Byrum Makokha 85 weds 35 year old bride


Drama as archbishop Byrum Makokha 85 weds 35 year old bride

Controversial Church of God Founder Bishop Byrum Makokha DiesThe controversial union of 85-year-old archbishop of  the Church of God in East Africa and a 35-year-old woman was on Saturday met with objection as faithful, including some pastors, attempted to stop the wedding.

After hours of confusion, the wedding of archbishop Byrum Makokha and Grace Akula was held at Kima Cathedral Church in Vihiga county under tight security. Some faithful, who said they did not totally oppose the union, made it clear that they were not pleased with Makokha’s choice.

Many were of the opinion that the man of God should have chosen a relatively elderly woman instead of the 35-year-old, whom they argued is the age of the archbishop’s granddaughters. “We welcome the decision by the archbishop to remarry after the death of his wife, but most of us are uncomfortable with the fact that he has chosen a young woman, which we see as going against Biblical teachings,” said a faithful who declined to be named.

What also infuriated most of the faithful was that the wedding was not open to the public, an issue most viewed as discrimination. At the Cathedral, only those who received invitation letters were allowed into the church while those who were not invited were kept at the peripheries of the compound.

Children and journalists were not spared as reporters who sneaked their way into the church were whisked out by armed police officers. No explanation was given to journalists who questioned  why they were being flushed out of the church. Some church officers who protected journalists from the wrath of the archbishop’s men intervened to no success.

Faithful who jammed the church gate said they were not treated well despite being the financial supporters of the church’s operations through their offerings. “We are disappointed by the kind of treatment we have received today. The archbishop and his clergy are paid salaries from the offering we make in church. The operations of the church depend on our giving,” lamented a faithful.

Mary Obonyo, a faithful said, ”Even the foods and other expenses incurred in this wedding have been settled using church money.”  Not a sin During a meeting attended by leaders from Emuhaya, Makokha said he was looking to marry  a young woman. He further said it is not a sin for a man of God to remarry and accused some people for faulting his decision, spreading seed of discord among his followers.

The new bride, Akula, is a graduate from Kima School of Theology and is currently pursuing Early Childhood Education in Ebulonga.



Drama as archbishop Byrum Makokha 85 weds 35 year old bride

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