Drama as Obama’s aunt ‘husband’ claims burial rights

A 69-year-old man who claims to be legally married to US President Barack Obama’s late aunt Zeituni Onyango now wants to be allowed to bury her.

Mr Ebel Mboya Okoko, who claims he married Zeituni in 1969, is unhappy with his mother in law Mama Sara Obama over what he alleges are attempts to sideline him in the burial arrangements.

Mzee Okoko is also unhappy with claims that he had died.

“I am bitter that one of the relatives had the audacity to allege that I died before my wife Zeituni left for US in 2000,” he said.

Mr Mustafa Obama, the US President’s half-brother was recently reported in a section of the press as saying that they would have loved to accord their aunt a decent burial in Kendu bay

He said her aunt was indeed married in Kendu Bay according to Luo tradition but that her husband died before she left for US.

In an interview with the Nation at his Rachuonyo home, Mr Okoko demanded to know the source of information that he had died.

“I am alive and strong. As a human being when my wife left I married a second wife and we have five children,” Mr Okoko.

He said he is contemplating seeking legal redress over the issue claiming it amounted to character assassination.


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