Kenyan Man jailed in Dubai for filming other men in washroom


Dubai: A man will spend six months behind bars for secretly filming men in a mall washroom in Deira. He was caught after footage showed his face positioning the hidden camera.

The 35-year-old Kenyan, E.K., hid the camera in the duct of an air extractor.

Presiding judge Mohammad Jamal said the defendant will be deported following the completion of his jail term.

According to Tuesday’s ruling the camera and images will be confiscated.

The Kenyan confessed to the charges when he appeared in court.

Prosecutors said E.K. breached the modesty of a number of men when he filmed them between November 31 and December 1 last year.

A Bangladeshi cleaner said he had just finished cleaning the washroom when he discovered the camera.

“I found the camera fixed in the duct of the air extractor. It was set in a position to film those who sat on the toilet seat. I immediately informed my boss who called the police,” said the cleaner.

A police lieutenant told prosecutors they were informed about the incident at around 9pm.

“When police examined the camera, footage that showed the defendant’s face when he fixed the camera was exposed. Police issued a search and arrest warrant… the defendant was arrested on December 30. Upon confrontation, he admitted that he fixed the camera to take photos of men while they used the washroom,” testified the lieutenant.

Tuesday’s ruling remains subject to appeal within 15 days.


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