CNN Turns The Lense On Kenyans And Horses


As a great sporting nation, Kenya is now a sports safari destination where one can enjoy golfing, diving, high-altitude training camps and much, much more. With this growing popularity, the sporting sector is expected to increase its earnings two-fold to Sh12 billion by 2017.

This week, CNN International’s ‘Inside Africa’ profiles one of Kenya’s growing sports – horse racing – which is supporting the livelihood of about three-thousand people in the country.

“Horse racing is no longer just a past time for the elite. And though there are very few Kenyans who own horses, the time is changing because there are more Kenyans enjoying racing now,” says Joe Muya, one of Kenya’s horse racing enthusiast featured on this week’s show.

Joe’s son Henry Muya, who has been racing his whole life, attended a horse racing school in Britain and now hopes to be part of a new generation expanding the industry in Kenya.

“There are more horse owners and trainers coming in to help grow the industry. However, there are bits and bobs to be filled but we don’t mind… we hope things will improve,” said Muya.

Inside Africa caught up with a trainer, Patsy Sercombe and her daughter- veterinarian, Lesley Sercombe at the Ngong Racecourse, the only horse racing track in Kenya and the only one in East Africa according to the Jockey Club of Kenya.

CNN’s ‘Inside Africa’ also gives viewers a snippet of the Kenya Derby that is held annually at the Ngong Racecourse.

Watch ‘Inside Africa’, CNN International this Friday, 2nd May at 19:30

The show will be aired again at the following times:

Saturday 3rd May 1330 and 2030

Sunday 4th May: 0830

Monday 5th May: 0330

Tuesday 6th May: 1030

Thursday 8th May: 0730

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