Kenyan celebrity singer cheats on the husband


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Trouble is brewing within a widely famous and controversial celebrity couple after the husband confirmed an affair between the celebrity wife and a prominent former Central region politician’s son.

All has not been well in the marriage and the wife seems to have taken to other affairs after walking out of the marriage.

The situation has become more complex after the said wife admitted to having the relationship and threatened the husband in a text message warning  “I am not your wife and he owes you nothing. He is speaking to the cops and lawyers. With his connections, he can spoil more than you.

Please keep off,” the lady who is a mother wrote to the husband, in an SMSs that was forwarded to Pulse this week. Besides that text, the troubled husband, a respected man in the political, corporate and showbiz arena shared with us all the text messages obtained from the wife’s phone and the threatening message and requested the identity of the said politician’s son not to be published for obvious reasons sighting that: “It could be a case of hit and run on the part of the man and the lady being on rebound.

As a man, I would hate to expose the lady who is my wife and mother of my baby. It would rather be a bit insensitive at this point. I would be exposing her to public ridicule and putting her moral degree and career in question. I will be patient,” he told Pulse. The SMSs between the man and the celebrity ‘girl’ — in our possession — do highlight a passionate affair between the two in which the lady looks so smitten. Most of them are night ‘calls’ the kind that a love would call the night kiss to cap the activities of the day.

The politician’s son in question is a senior boss in a telecommunication firm, a strategist who joined the firm after completing his Masters Degree abroad some few years back. He is a close friend of madam celeb…a friendship spanning back almost 15 years ago. “I am giving you all this information so that incase something happens to me, the world will be in the know,” said the man.

“I will continue taking good care of her, I mean, she is the mother to my baby and as far as I know, she deserves my respect. It is in my interest to see her lead a respectable life,” he concluded

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