Photos:Uhuru tours Kisii County,tells CORD to stop insulting him


President Uhuru Kenyatta Monday asked Cord leaders to stop insulting the office of the presidency.

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He told the opposition leaders to be patient for the next four years rather than engaging in trading insults each day.

“Stop insulting the president. Be patient for the next four years and allow me do my work for which  I was elected by the Kenyan people” said the head of state.

He told the opposition to stop hurling insults at his person and address national issues  soberly and with respect.

“Those with any issues should raise them with me and they will be listened to” , he added.

The President was addressing  a series of public rallies  and road-side stop-overs in Nyamira and Kisii counties.

He addressed public barazas at Kenyenya community grounds, Menyenya primary school grounds, Keroka and Keumbu shopping centres.

He told the Cord leadership there was no need to provoke each other politically and the current campaigns should be postponed for the next four years so that Kenyans can concentrate on development.

Perpetually campaign mood

He accused the opposition of putting the country on a perpetually campaign mood wondering when Kenyans will be allowed to concentrate on development matters.

“Campaigns have their time and they ended with the last elections. There is no need of keeping kenyans on a campaign mood for five years”, he said at  Nyansiongo County Council grounds, Borabu constituency, Nyamira county.

He said the opposition is good and has its role in the country. The opposition should carry its rightful role of correcting the government and keeping it on its toes.

“The opposition is good. But the opposition does not mean insults. It means  giving checks and balances  on the performance of the government”, he said.

“Tell this man (reference to Cord leader Raila Odinga) to leave me alone so that I can do my work”, adding that it is the Kenyan voters who will give the final scorecard on the performance of Jubilee government after five years.

“The Kenyan people will give us another term if they  feel we have  fulfilled the promises for which they elected us ”, he added.

The president regretted that those inciting Kenyans to engage in unnecessary demands and threats  have their children in private schools in Nairobi while inciting others to engage in unproductive activities.

The president said he will work with all leaders irrespective of their parties President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged leaders to shun divisive politics and support Government initiatives to unite Kenyans for tangible development.

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