Sonko former girlfriend claims the senator is not genuine


Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko has earned a reputation for splurging cash on the poor and is often moved to tears by the sight of Kenyans in distress. But Josephine Wanjeri Thuku, his former girlfriend, claims the senator is not genuine.

“Sonko is a heartless man who has destroyed my life and devastated the mental health of our son so badly that he has had to undergo therapy,” she told The Nairobian.

Wanjeri claims that while charity begins at home, Sonko, whose philanthropy is renowned, has neglected his child to punish her. “He proved that he is not interested in our son when he claimed that the boy is in class six when in fact, he is a class eight candidate,” Wanjeri claimed. Wanjeri also claims that she is not the first victim of Sonko’s wrath after a relationship gone sour.

“He is in the habit of ambushing his former girlfriends at home with a pick-up truck and carting away all household items he had bought,” she claimed. Wanjeri tells The Nairobian she knew Sonko back in 1990 while she was in class eight, although they began their relationship two years later: “I was a Form Two student when he became my boyfriend and swore undying love for me. Little did I know that things would turn out the way they have.”

According to her, when Sonko left Shimo la Tewa Prison, he came looking for her, but she kept off until she finished college and got her diploma. “I then went against my parents’ wishes and moved in with him,” she says, adding that things turned sour after she got her first child.

“I had to go to my parent’s home to heal. My life has been a living hell since,” she laments. According to her, Sonko did not allow her back to the city. – The Standard.\

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