Woman claims monorchid politician husband fathered her two children

Woman claims monorchid politician husband fathered her two children
Woman claims monorchid politician husband fathered her two children: Courtesy /Photo

Court Drama: A housewife stunned the court when she claimed that her husband is a monorchid (has one testicle), and that their firstborn son also has the deformity.

Salome Nyambura, the estranged wife of Flamingo Ward Rep in Nakuru, Moses Njiri, told a packed courtroom that there was no need for a DNA test to prove their son’s paternity since both father and son have the same defect in their private parts.

“Your honour, a DNA test will waste the court’s time, just tell the man to lower his pants because he has one testicle just like his child,” said Nyambura to the bewilderment of those present.

Nyambura narrated how Njiri kicked her out of their matrimonial home in Pangani estate, Nakuru when she was only two months pregnant.

Kicked out

“The reality is, he is my husband and the father of my children. The physical defect our first-born has is what made him accept the child,” she said.

In 2007, she conceived their first child but Njiri denied responsibility until the boy was born. The 28-year-old woman said the pregnancy brought them together and the MCA took her in as his wife. Nyambura’s lawyer, Peter Chege asked the court to grant Nyambura custody over her son and to order the accused to provide basic needs valued at Sh80,000 per month.

Nyambura wants Sh20,000 for housing, Sh20,000 for food, Sh10,000 for education and Sh10,000 for clothing. Nyambura also wants Sh6,000 for entertainment, medical allowance of Sh10,000 and Sh4,000 as miscellaneous allowances.

A She told the court that Njiri ordered her out of their matrimonial home last December after five years of marriage. They had even constructed a three-bedroom house and were planning to move in when she was told to pack and leave.

Baby number two

Interestingly, less than 24 hours after taking the witness stand, Nyambura went to deliver her second baby at Evans Sunrise Maternity, giving rise to a fresh conflict.

The MCA who has filed an affidavit to distance himself from the child, allegedly sneaked into the maternity ward and named the new-born Mary Wangechi Gichangi-his mother-as per Kikuyu traditions.

The second child according to Nyambura also shares the father’s birthmark on her left ear. Nyambura had told the court that Njiri became upset when he discovered the second pregnancy blaming it on an alleged secret love affair.

Nyambura also claims Njiri has more than three baby mamas fighting for their children’s upkeep at the department of children in Nakuru.

“My conscience is clear and I am ready to appear before any health expert for a DNA test to prove that he is the biological father of my second child,” Nyambura told Nakuru resident Magistrate, Mary Otindo.

But the MCA is hearing none of this saying the woman got pregnant when she was away in Uganda and he had nothing to do with it. Through his advocate Pascal Mbeche, Njiri claims Nyambura left their matrimonial home in 2010, only to return in 2012.

I am the first lady

Nyambura denied the allegations insisting she was around and even campaigned for Njiri in the last general elections.

“It is true I would arrive home as late as 9pm but there is no single day I slept out during the five years we were married,” she explained.

Nyambura further alleges that the MCA only takes responsibility when legal action is taken against him claiming that one of the women stabbed him early this year, seriously injuring his thigh.

“I have no reason to stop him from re-marrying as long as my children are respected and well taken care of. But I will remain the first lady forever,” she said.

From toilet cleaner to MCA

Nyambura, who was married to Njiri in 2009 under Kikuyu customary laws, told the court that the MCA had not paid dowry because he was a broke toilet cleaner at the time of their marriage.

Kenyans have been touched by the humility of Njiri whose images dominate newspapers as he goes about cleaning public toilets and shining shoes in Nakuru streets. Prior to joining the county assembly, Njiri had worked as a toilet attendant for six years.

In her ruling, the magistrate ordered the MCA to pay Nyambura Sh5,000 monthly until September 4 when the hearing is expected to continue.



Woman claims monorchid politician husband fathered her two children

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