Failure to Launch is an Entrepreneurs Greatest Impediment

Take-The-ChallengeEvery person desires; to be rich, to be of value, and to be of purpose. What many fail to realize is the work that goes into achieving this. Entrepreneurship is all about changing how our environment is, making it better for us and for future generations and in the process, creating wealth. Many aspiring entrepreneurs however, begin with making wealth, which leads to ultimate failure.

Chasing one’s dreams requires courage, purpose, faith, vision and a clear goal, regardless of how small the dream is. While we all have dreams that we seek to achieve, most lack the courage to launch. The purpose to go beyond mere dreaming to actually embarking on the journey.

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Failure to launch is the reason why 75 percent of dreams never see the light of day. This is the greatest impediment to any entrepreneur. The fear to take a risk. The fear to take that one step to actualize that‎ dream. Someone once said that, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” The essence of the Chase Bank drive in #ChaseYourDreams is a key component that any entrepreneur willing to succeed must get on and emulate the encouragement.

It’s hard being rich. It’s hard creating wealth. It’s even harder seducing success. However, it’s most difficult remaining poor. Success is deliberate. Success is intentional. It’s achieved through those we engage with, hang out with and partner with. For entrepreneurs, the#ChaseYourDreams campaign is an amazing place to start off, in terms of getting rid of the fear to launch and heading towards success.

When you read #ChaseStories that showcase the ‎story-line of emerging entrepreneurs, you realize that failure to launch holds most of us back. Launching is the one decision that one needs to make for the rest of their dreams to come to fruition.

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