Karma for Kidero as Reuben Ndolo Punches Him


It is alleged that that governor Kidero fell on the wrong side of former heavyweight boxer, Reuben Ndolo, who gave him a few punches. This happened at a city hotel where the two were in attendance at a private meeting.

The alleged attack was sparked by an exchange in words between the ex-boxer and the city governor. CORD leaders present at the meeting however denied any brawl at the hotel.

According to sources, these words by Dr Kidero“I hope you have not organized people to boo me,”infuriated the former Makadara MP. This was in reference to an incidence where Dr. Kidero was heckled at a rally to welcome the CORD leader, Raila Odinga from the US.

In response, Hon. Ndolo said,“you are the governor how can you say such a thing? This is crap.”Then he punched Dr. Kidero on the face.

Information there forth is scanty as other members of the coalition denied any punches thrown saying it was just a “small altercation.”


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