WHY DON’T YOU CARE? Sometimes I wish everyone cared

WHY DON’T YOU CARE? Sometimes I wish everyone cared

WHY DON'T YOU CARE? Sometimes I wish everyone caredSometimes I wish,

I wish everyone cared.

I wish, everyone  wished the best for all mankind.

But just like any other wish, neither are mine horses.

No begger, no needy or helpless can ride on them.

Then I got a question for you, who is able and in position

Why don’t you care?


You have all you need, to live comfortably

Still asked for our votes, so you can get some more

You lied to us, that life will be better with you

The clock is ticking, things are no better

But why don’t you care?


Your children , your family, living luxuriously

Then you ignore the poor helpless child

The one you are supposed to represent

Is he any lesser than your own?

Doesn’t he deserve the best, just like yours do?

But why, don’t you even care?


Mr. Politician ,mr & mrs Officer, all the “waheshimiwa”,

Why do you give a deaf ear to the cries of your people?

Why do you ignore their requests?

Mails go not responded to, no communication at all; It is painful.

But why don’t you  care?


Did you know sir, madam;

That no child chooses to be in need?

That everyone wishes to live a comfortable life?

Have you ever considered yourself in the shoe of that common helpless mwananchi?

What would have been your expectations?

But why don’t you just care?


Did you know? Sir, Madam;

That the laws of nature apply, whether or not we acknowledge them?

This needy child you ignore today, will tomorrow be in a better position

You will need him in one way or the other

Now, do you expect him to serve you any better than you did?(you ignored his cries!)

Then your innocent  descendants (sadly)will have to pay the price of your greed, ignorance, your chosen failures; do you know that?

But why don’t you just care? Why? Why?



Will you please be fair enough, to do justice to all?

Will you not only listen to and ignore, but attend to the needs of your own?

Will you look back to your term of service and be glad you helped brighten a future?

Will you ever care to see lives better because of you, because you served? Will you?

I wish you cared, I still wish and pray you do.

By Liz Ekakoro:Diaspora Messenger contributor/Kenyan in Ukrain


WHY DON’T YOU CARE? Sometimes I wish everyone cared


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