Kenyan Making Headway Abroad With Awesome New Song!


Godwin Kiwinda is a name most Kenyans are unfamiliar with. Cannot blame them though. He is an artist flying Kenya’s flag high in the diaspora and given that Kenyan radio stations are yet to pick up on this jam, I can honestly understand the l;ack of knowledge about this guy. That said, Uncle Chim Tuna’s job is to put you up on game aye? So allow me to do my job.

The artist of whom I speak is called Godwin Kiwinda. His track is titled “Without You” and why I like it so is the fact that it is an introspective piece of art in which the lad looks to within himself for inspiration for the track and to do so, he goes to an emotional place deep down within himself to talk about growing up without his father.

Actually, he best describes the work of musical art he has offered;

Every song writer has certain sensitive or rather personal topics that very few artists can deeply touch on. And for Godwin like every person who did not grow up with a father or who do not share a close relationship with theirs or has lost a father in one way or another. In the song Without You,Godwin goes a step further in detailing his own Upbringing and his relationship with his father starting from as far as he could remember to the present state of their relationship how it has affected him , his immediate family members and for those who have had the same experience they can relate.
The song came about with Godwin getting the music in the song and since this was something he felt ready to speak on he immediately knew it was the right song for it but he knew he needed the chorus sung soulfully as his feelings are. He needed a male vocalist for that part. After searching for one for close to 3 months trying out musicians, the song was left without a chorus and He could not let it be released nothing less than perfect so his search continued. Fate would have it that His old friend Andrey Shalubin was now an Agent and Producer to a very talented Vocalist Roman Polonsky and only after hearing one of his latest releases Godwin knew he had found his missing piece of the puzzle.
A meeting was then arranged through the management, their chemistry was electric they instantly clicked they spent a whole day together knowing each other and after decided to try something out in the studio, it was all magic. The lines were recorded immediately and the result of their connection can now be heard on the track.

The credit information for the track is thus:

Lyrics by Godwin Kiwinda
Music by Roman Polonsky
Vocals by Godwin Kiwinda and Roman Polonsky
Video produced by Andrey Shalubin

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