Narok evictees camp outside State House


A group of people claiming to have been evicted from Narok 20 years ago camped outside State House on Wednesday to demand resettlement.

They arrived in their hundreds, old and young, to protest what they termed as delayed compensation from the government after two decades as squatters.

According to Mr Peter Kamau, the group’s chairman, the group was evicted from Enoospukia in 1992 to 1994 and have never been compensated.

“We have waited for 20 years. We have gone to every office right from Narok to the National Assembly,” he told the Nation, showing a file full of documents from different government offices.

The group had initially camped at one of State House’s gate, before security officers pushed them beyond the edge of the fence.

Still, they refused to move until Kilimani OCPD Peter Kattami addressed them.


“You may have genuine concerns but this is a protected area which is respected even internally. You cannot demonstrate here,” he told them.

“We need you to go to the relevant offices and present your complaints there or you can go to Uhuru Park.”

The group claimed they were removed from Enoospukia on the incitement of politicians, causing them to flee and scatter in Kiambu, Nyandarua and Nakuru.

In a letter they sent to the Ministry of Devolution last year, the evictees claim that while the government argued they had been staying on government protected land, the same pieces were allocated to other people.

“Politics was used as a tool to evict the Enoospukia families and now we need our rights to be recognised just as our constitution stipulates in the Bill of Rights,” they wrote in a letter dated June 19, 2013.

“Since 1994, we have made frantic efforts to visit different government offices seeking help to no avail.”

There is a long story. In July this year, the Departmental Committee of the National Assembly on Lands toured the area to interview locals after receiving a petition from the evictees.

A group of evictees from Narok, Enoospukia, demonstrate outside State House on September 10, 2014. PHOTO | CORRESPONDENT

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