Dead Beat Kenya page pulled down


The infamous Dead Beat Kenya Facebook page has been pulled down indefinitely for the hearing of the case in which a Kiambu MCA sued its creator for defamation.

Ngewa Ward MCA Karungo wa Thang’wa, through a compelling order by his lawyer Ndegwa Njiiru, wants an apology and punitive damages from Jackson Njeru.

Karungo, who also sued the woman who posted his details on the page, also wants his name cleared from it.

Chief magistrate Charles Obulutsa in September restrained Jackson Njeru, Dead Beat Kenya and Dead Beat Kenya Updates, from further writing, printing and publishing statements that are viewed as defamatory.

The magistrate said that Njeru, through his Facebook pages and a woman who claims to have sired a child with the Ngewa ward MCA should not publish any articles that amounts to libel , expose or damage the politician’s character pending hearing of the case.

Njeru created the page a few months ago as an avenue for women to name and shame the irresponsible men they sired their children with.

Estranged wives and girlfriends, in a bid to push the men to taking responsibility, posted their pictures, contact information and the details of their stories on the page.

Those accused of child neglect on the page include a few local leaders and celebrities.

The case is being heard on Friday.


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