Kikuyu MP hits back at Kabogo for calling him ‘test tube’ politician


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Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungwa has lashed out at Kiambu Governor William Kabogo for allegedly calling him “test tube” politician.

Ichungwa said Kabogo should appear before the Senate to respond to queries raised by the Controller of Budgets.

Speaking to the press in Kikuyu town last Saturday, he said Kabogo should apologise for using “derogartory” remarks against fellow politicians.

He was responding to Kabogo’s recent remarks where he described Ichungwa as a “newcomer” who does not know anything about politics and should not compel him to honour Senate summons.

“Someone tell the “experienced Kenyan politician” that some of us are happy in the Jubilee laboratory to experiment and practice humility in leadership, accountability in public service and offer servant leadership,” Ichungwa said.

Kabogo’s remarks did not go down well with 10 out of the 13 MPs in the county.

“I am not interested in gaining from them, their experience in politics of deceit, unaccountability, arrogance and ineptness in public affairs,” Ichungwa said.

Kabogo has since dismissed the MPs, saying they are only interested in discrediting his administration.

“I won’t be taught how to be accountable by beginners who joined politics the other day. They do not understand politics in this region,” he said.


Senator Kimani Wamatangi has called on Kabogo to heed to the Senate summons or the county’s funds risk being withheld.



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