Isaac Kinity

The remembrance of the ongoing attacks of the Kenya Armed Forces to a Guerrilla warfare and/or a Rebel group in its infancy, should by all means,  put the entire security system in Kenya, the Kenya Army and the entire Police force,  in total alert and in readiness for combat.

In the recent months, there has been very well planned and very well coordinated  attacks, targeted at the Kenya Armed forces.
The method and the tactics of those attacks, as reported by the media, have been very similar to those used by guerrilla groups or by rebel groups in a guerrilla warfare, where the armed forces are the main targets.
For the sake of the Nation of Kenya and its innocent citizens, given the frequency of these attacks, the Kenya Government should not take these attacks lightly, and  It is high time the Kenya Government declares war on those attackers.
The security of  the Kenyan people is paramount important.

By Isaac Newton Kinity


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