PSCU senior directors calls ODM a dead party-Full statement



ODM’s statement on security and the State of the Nation is a most transparent, desperate and woefully inadequate fig-leaf to cover up its most spectacular failure: the fact that they have been unable to live up to the basic minimum of its loud pretences to democracy. The statement was released on the eve of a leadership selection exercise that cannot even hold a candle to the infamous mlolongo KANU elections in terms of democratic credentials. ODM is a sick party, ravaged most woefully by its leadership, which routinely showcases violence, nepotism, intolerance, tribalism and hypocrisy as its governing values. ODM is one entity that has nothing to show for all its time in government. Indeed, it is the least qualified entity to speak to the state of the nation, or how Governments deliver services to the people.

The only good thing that can be said about this statement is that, for once, ODM did not canvass its political capers at a funeral. Nevertheless, ODM should never deceive itself that Kenyans cannot see through this playful ruse.

It is notable that ODM has convened at the sunset of its democratic pretences to realign its spent ‘Okoa Jahazi’ charade with civil society antics. It is rehashing its stock narratives that have, time and again, failed to persuade Kenyans to board its ill-fated train. According to ODM, national discourse is an echo-chamber where the Opposition and civil society Mutual Admiration Society delude one another that they are serving anyone other than their dubious paymasters.

We will reiterate this: there are issues with security in Kenya. We will also emphasise that Government’s efforts to set things right are ongoing in a systematic, institutional, rational and large-scale manner unprecedented in Kenya’s history. ODM is in denial; Kenya moved away from the politics of fitina and confrontation. We are now in the era of delivery, engagement and transformation. ODM is rightly afraid that it is fast sliding down the slippery slope into oblivion. We understand with their desperation.

The Government remains on the side of the people. Government is delivering in a big way and is on course to fulfilling its pledges. The Government only communicates things that are happening. A lot of good work is being done, and the lives of Kenyans continue to be transformed every minute, every day. This agenda is unstoppable. Nothing the ODM or their Men in Black, wherever they are, will stop us from telling Kenyans about it.

The PSCU is committed to maintaining a faithful, patriotic, transparent and informative engagement with the people of Kenya. This is to ensure that the people know what its government is doing, and that Government programmes respond to their needs. We shall not waver from this commitment, ever.

We ask the people of Kenya to maintain their confidence in government. There are issues here and there, undeniably. But Government is capable and dedicated to delivering every single commitment and mandate.

It is clearly impossible for ODM to avoid politicising every national challenge and demanding irrelevant, cosmetic and vain remedies. It must recover the decency to avoid seeing political opportunity in tragedies, crises and challenges that Kenyans face from time to time. It must draw its inspiration, not from funerals, but from a desire to serve.


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