Throwback: The Day Ole Lenku Told Nkaissery, “Keep off My Docket.”


lenku11Some of the words we choose really come back to bite us.

Joseph ole Lenku has come to learn that the hard way after the man he told off publicly early this year was nominated to replace him. In March this year during his homecoming party, Lenku replied to Nkaissery’s claims that he was unqualified to hold that seat by telling him to keep off.

Here’s how The Star reported it.

INTERIOR Secretary Joseph ole Lenku has told Kajiado Central MP Joseph Nkaissery to “mind his own business and stop poking holes” into his docket.  

Speaking for the first time after the recent Cabinet meeting with President Uhuru and Deputy President William Ruto during a five-day retreat, Lenku warned Nkaissery against “poking his nose into the security docket”.

He said he was not appointed by the government by default but by the trust it had in him.  Lenku answering Nkaissery’s alleged remarks that he is unqualified to hold the docket. He said the remarks are inconsequential and he needs not respond to them.

“Why should I respond to his remarks? I feel they are inconsequential and below my status as a national leader. He is only the Kajiado Central MP and I serve all Kenyans and not the Maasais alone,” Lenku said.

He was speaking during his homecoming party and that of nominated MCA Samson Tipape at Oloilalei Primary School in Loitokitok sub-county on Saturday.  

Lenku said all the Masasai leaders who have served the government in the previous regimes have never let Kenyans down.  

“From Julius Sunkuli, George Saitoti and Katoo ole Metito, the country stayed steady while they were security ministers, why me now?” I’m a national leader and I want to tell Nkaissery that I measure to my position in the government,” he said.  

He said the President and Deputy President mandated him to roll out security structures and fight insecurity with all his might.  

“The government this year alone bought 1,000 vehicles for all police stations across the country. From the next financial year, we are going to buy 3,000 vehicles for our county commissioners, deputies, and assistant county commissioners across the country to enhance security,” Lenku said.

He said chiefs and their assistants will also be considered for transport arrangements.

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