2015 KCSE:Triplets’ joy as they score same grade


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They were born on the same day and studied in the same school; and when their KCSE results were released on Tuesday, the triplets had scored the same grade — a B-. The only difference was that one got 57 points, another 56 and the third 55.

Now, all three are optimistic that they will join the same university although they hope to pursue different courses.
That is the story Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego, who attended Kisumu Day High School.

Their single mother, Ms Eugene Amoti, is a pastor and she named her triplets after the three young men in the Bible who were willing to put their lives on the line to defend their faith in defiance of a royal edict to worship an idol. The three were thrown into a furnace but emerged unscathed and victorious.

According to the triplets, sitting the national examination was a kin to a baptism of fire and they were yesterday celebrating their victory.
Interestingly, Shadrack Isingoma had 57 points, his brother Meshack Barongo had 56 and Abednego Benji had 55 points.

All the three attended Mount Carmel Academy in Kisumu where they sat their KCPE and scored nearly similar marks in 2011. Shadrack had 335, Meshack 330 and Abednego 323. When they joined Kisumu Day, however, they chose to study in different streams.

In an interview with the Nation, the 19-year-olds said they have always had different academic abilities.

“We never performed the same in our classwork,” said Meshack. “In fact, I didn’t like Kiswahili like my brothers who did so well in the subject.”

They said that although they did not perform to their expectation, they were glad that they had a difference of a point or two.

Their mother, a pastor at New Light Church, said the triplets had different study patterns and were never equally strong in their school work.

“Although deep in my heart I knew this would happen, I was only praying they perform well,” said Amoti who has two sets of twins, all order than the triplets.


Whereas Meshack had a partiality for the humanities, Shadrack was passionate about both humanities and sciences while Abednego was more inclined towards the sciences.

“We hope to join Kenyatta University to pursue different courses of our choices,” said Shadrack, the eldest of the three who intends to venture into film and theatre studies.

Meshack hopes to study film animation and cinematogrphy.

Abednego, a vocalist and instrumentalist at Citam Church Kisumu, said: “I would like to study software engineering but I am passionate about music.”

Teachers at Kisumu Day High School welcomed the boys’ performance and said having the triplets in their school had been a blessing.
“These three formed a unique part of our school’s history. We are happy they performed well,” said the headmaster, Mr Gordon Muga.

The three are known in their neighbourhood for their diversity and passion in co-curriculum as well as their involvement in church activities.

Abednego, the youngest, is an instrumentalist and loves playing the piano and the guitar. Meshack is a rugby player and a comedian while Shadrack is a spoken word artiste.

“My boys have made me so proud. I am so grateful to God for seeing them through the four years amidst all challenges,” said their mother.
Last year, when Kisumu Day held its prize-giving ceremony, Ms Amoti was crowned the school’s parent of the year.


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