A Kenyan’s struggle with Alcohol in the US, sought for help in Diaspora

My name is Anthony Kinyanjui or Ras Anto as my peers know me and am a recovering Alcoholic.

I’ve been sober for almost 4yrs now,through nothing but by the grace of the most High God .

My addiction and dependency on Alcohol increased immediately after arriving here from Kenya back in 2001.

I enrolled  with CHL services in Worcester followed by a 30 day stay at s program called Passages, after the 30 days period ,i felt i needed more recovery time so i signed up and went for a six month program at Salvation Army in Worcester,The good news is i  have been  sober since.

As a recovering Alcoholic, I have finally pursued every dream I wanted in America,i can honestly say Alcohol use and abuse has a huge  negative impact on new  immigrants here in the Diaspora.

I substituted my addiction for my favorite hobby which is D.Jing , was able to finally visit Kenya a couple of years ago and am now in school pursuing a career of my choice.

That is not much however, is better than sleeping under a bridge, I can honestly say the consumption of Alcohol in the Diaspora has definitely increased , and we need to address this issue as Kenyans.

The most surprising thing that happened to me is admitting to being an Alcoholic.


What is your Talent?

I am good at making people laugh. Am very bad at anything new  that I don’t know much about.The last book I read was Pillars of the Earth by Ken folliet.

My worst childhood fear is drowning. My ideal night is watching movies or a favorite series with my girlfriend. In another life I’d be Bob Marley. The best age was 21.

The greatest regret that I have is ever picking up the bottle.

If I was I politician, i would donate my salary to the poor and needy.

The Celebrity i identify with is Will Smith. The Living person I most admire is Dj King Tubbs of King Lion sounds Kenya. My favorite author is Sidney Sheldon.

My greatest possession is God and my DJ equipment.

My message to the world is“if you think you’re to small to change anything then you haven’t spend the night with a mosquito.”

Send your suggestions how we can address this Alcoholism issue here in the Diaspora:

my email is [email protected]

-Interview by Sam Mwaura-Samrack.com

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