List of Top Motivational speakers Most Sought after in Kenyan

List of Top Motivational speakers Most Sought after in Kenyan

List of Top Motivational speakers Most Sought after in KenyanList of Top Motivational speakers Most Sought after in KenyanToday I Decided to list some the Best Young motivational speakers here in Kenya, I have listened to some of them speak on different occasions, and they are full of wisdom. These motivational speakers are able to spur you to take action, even in the face of great obstacles, just through their words. if you’ve been struggling on Questions like How can I make my life better? How can I live my dreams? etc etc.

Well these speakers specialize in helping you solve that problem. and I mean HELP Because NO ONE can solve your problem for you – only you can do that. All someone can do is HELP to solve your problem – ultimately though its down to you.

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No list Tops this list anywhere,Give them only three minutes, and they will wake-up your brains, Here  is the list of who I think are the best young Kenyan motivational speakers.
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1.Kariuki Kamau

KARIUKI KAMAU also known as KK is one of Africa most respected motivational speakers and Team building Coach. He has worked with hundreds of teams and organizations (and thousands of individuals) over the last Six years giving him a unique insight into, and understanding of human performance and all its variables.He packages his programs with humorous, educative and mind provocative stories keeping the audience at the edge of their seats.
Book titled  ”what wakes you up-Alarm or Purpose written by Kariuki kamau

Contact Kariuki Kamau

2.Phyllis Mwangi –

PHYLLIS MWANGI is one of those motivational speakers who would only require 3 minutes of your time and she will put (success) action steps into your mind.

Phyllis utilizes humor, storytelling, and Facts in boosting enthusiasm and energy, she also has a Good voice that resonates throughout.

Phyllis is the Chief Executive Officer at Edge Consult Training Company, A Coach, A Mentor who uses simple life lessons and NLP technique to create aha moments for her audience

Contact Pyllis Mwangi:

  • Twitter:@phyllismwangi
  • Linkedin:

3.Bonnie Kim Author

BONNIE KIM AUTHOR  is a Self Image Guru,who will help you achieve personal Greatness,  inspired living and awaken the Giant within you.

His philosophy of life is ” You become what you see yourself becoming.”

Bonnie kim is the C.E.O, Lead Trainer & Founder of BonnieKim Ltd – a Consultation, Motivational company specializing in empowering people & helping businesses succeed.

Bonnie Kim was raised by a struggling single mother who divorced his dad when he was 2 yet rising above the odds to be a force to reckon within his industry. Read His Inspiring Story Here

He is the BEST SELLING AUTHOR of  the following 10 books


Contacts Bonnie Kim Author:

 4.Jeff  Nthiwa

JEFF NTHIWA has spent years motivating and inspiring audiences to get out of their comfort zone and get a front-row seat in life. After starting his life coaching and motivational speaking career in the year 2010, he is now seen as the go-to motivational keynote speaker for schools, corporate and association markets that want their people to improve their morale, teamwork, and communication skills and ultimately achieve more results.

His philosophy is that regardless of their age, gender, or season in life, everybody needs to laugh, and learn something in the process by connecting on the heart level—and it’s Jeff’s job to see that they do!He has written 2 books: Genes of greatness, & Answers to questions the youth ask on Purity.

Contact Jeff Nthiwa:

5.Caroline Nderitu

CAROLINE NDERITU is a Certified Behavioural Consultant for Business (USA) and Certified Professional Trainer with work experience in fifteen different countries across Africa, Europe America and Asia.

Contact Caroline Nderitu



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  1. Brian ndwiga says

    i am a student and i have written a moltivation book but i have not published because i do not know the procedure.the title of the book is ways to become great.0722437100thats my number

  2. Susan says

    Check Victoria Nkatha of She is a Kenyan living in Denmark. I think she’s doing a great job and making Kenya proud in Europe especially. Her tel. +4591193018

  3. Ruth mbogo says

    Hello,my passion is always wished to be given opportunity to inspire other people,iam a counselor by profession but wished to use my talent to get out there and mortivate people,pls kindly assist me,0712558971

  4. Amos Korir says

    I am Amos Korir love your shared information about public inspiration. Would like to be one of them, is there a school kenya to attend. Thanks and God bless all of us my number 0722 465 124

  5. Rousoss Demisse says

    Thanks a lot for sharing this piece of information. I am an upcoming motivational speaker so hungry to inspire others. Check me on Facebook, LinkedIn or call 254 705 210 033

  6. Silvester Gitonga Irungu says

    Give a man fish he will survive for the day.Teach the man fishing he will survive for his whole life.

  7. Caroline Mwende says

    Am Caroline mwende. A social worker, network marketer and an aspiring motivational speaker hungry for a platform to inspire the world. I currently speak at my company and youths if I get a chance. I would appreciate a chance to reach to more people and share my gift. +254729445296, fb page coach mwende and blog

  8. James says

    I would love all of us who are wishing to motivate to join hands

  9. Margaret mukuha says

    Thanks all. Am looking for a mentor to propel my dream to become a motivational speaker. If any please inbox me 0704407696

  10. Ronald Moses says

    Am Ronald Moses…I crave for an opportunity to inspire the world…I have been doing talks but on small scale….I really need platform….I wouldn’t want to die with what I have within me…but to give it out to the world so that from my talks someone’s life can be renewed…kindly help….0751440634

  11. Gregory musau says

    Am Gregory musau a university student yet to graduate but very determined to become a great motivational speaker my problem is the breakthrough. If I can get a chance out then I can build my name to many generations. My contayis [email protected]

  12. Jeremy Mbucha says

    I am Jeremy Kimani from Nakuru County, I had a chance before to motivate students and pupils in schools. Also I have had s chance to speak in church and preach and work with youths as I an a youth patron.

    I would love to propel and do more of motivations speaking if I get a chance..

    1. Ngige Moses says

      Hi all,am Ngige Moses. Motivational speaker,do give talks to schools and youths in churches and even islam brothers. Am non discriminative. Motivation have got no religion.Have a taste of what I have in store and am sure you will keep contacting for more Talks. Contact
      [email protected]

  13. hesbon says

    hello am a teacher- counselorby profession and I have a zeal to get a platform to inspire the downhearted people such that they can find at least golden value in their life. please any consultant company director getting this can help help me inspire youths and other vulnerable groups.can email please.

  14. Amos Awili says

    My name is Amos Awili, am a student at Kenyatta university and also an entrepreneur , I have a great desire of becoming a great motivate speaker ,have done it saverally but only in a small scale , in schools and churches , I need to grow more in this field , if I get a chance to to learn and improve al be the happiest person in the world, I have a burning desire to inspire and creat more impact around the world , my contact 0797931963


    Information provided is great, it’s my passion to be an international motivational speaker, am kindly seeking for a mentor to guide me.
    My contact information is
    [email protected]

    1. Gamaliel Gerishom Malungu says

      My name is Gamaliel Gerishom Malungu. I am the founder of permanent success motivation. I am a preacher, motivational speaker and author. I am so passionate about inspiring young people to achieve their dreams and leave a mark for the next generation. I am an inspired young leader who believes all of us were born to succeed and live influential lives. I and my organization we have been able to reach more than 10000 students acroos the country. I am looking forward to work and partner with the above mentioned giants for mw to impact more lives.
      For more information :www.Permanentsuccessmotivation.
      Or call 0728033465

  16. LNM says

    Hi, im Linet Ogega a lawyer by profession, however i crave for an opportunity to impact other people’s life’s through motivational speeches. Kindly assist with a platform and mentorship. Thanks

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