Uhuru’s Chopper still grounded in Meru

A military helicopter in the presidential entourage that was left at Maili Tatu grounds in Meru after developing a mechanical problem was still there Sunday evening.

The chopper, an MI170 E is among the two that carries the President.

Sources at the scene said the chopper’s propeller was hit by one of the three plane’s while landing during the presidential, occasioning the mechanical hitch.

“The helicopter is fitted with presidential amenities. It is air conditioned and fitted with a toilet. It is one of those used by the President,” the source who requested anonymity said.


The military helicopter carrying the President is usually escorted with two others-one of which he can use incase of emergency.

The President’s entourage usually includes the MI170E and a PUMA helicopter which carries his security detail.

The chopper at Maili Tatu grounds was with two others-one of them that carried the President, but failed to take-off after functions in the area.

The hitch made the President who concluded a two day visit to Meru with a rally at Maua Town yesterday to leave with only one chopper escorting him.

Last evening, engineers from Kenya Air Force were at the Maili Tatu grounds trying to repair the chopper.


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