Why Digital Banking Will Prevail.


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Picture yourself on your couch at home unwinding with your family after a long day. Or away on a business trip or vacation, and you’re just beginning to experience the time of your life. Then you suddenly remember that you need to make a mandatory transaction at your bank. So crucial that a cheque could bounce, a deduction to your account could leave it in debit, an interest could be accrued for the delayed payment, or your utility bill could go unpaid; in the end, disrupting your well-deserved break.

The thought of disrupting your good time to go and attend to your banking errands doesn’t sound so appealing at that point. Especially when other factors come into play, like distance, time and speed. In this case, you’ll have to go all the way to your bank branch; hoping that you’ll find the bank branch open; that you’re carrying a lot of money with you around and it feels unsafe; and that there are no queues and your transaction will be processed just in time. All these scenarios can leave you feeling frustrated.

However, with this innovative and current trend of digital banking, the rules of interaction have changed significantly. It’s gradually becoming a way of life, because of its unique value proposition to the consumer. Instead of you coming to the bank, the bank is now coming to you, wherever you are. The bank is now more concerned about what you do, rather than where you go. You can be at home, out on business or on vacation. Digital Banking will bring you convenience, easy accessibility, 24/7 availability and security as you transact.

At Chase Bank Kenya, we officially launched our digital journey in 2014 as part of the Chase 3.0 Strategy towards the year 2017. Critical to this, was the implementation of ALL transactional capability, product offerings and service requests on new to the world technologies; mobile, online & self-service channels, and deliver a multi-channel experience for its customers. Everything we do in the business of banking has to 100% be available in an autonomous and ubiquitous way to deliver the utmost of convenience.

Get digital today by simply;

  • Accessing Mobile Banking by;
    • Dialing *275# to access mobile Banking across all networks
    • Downloading the “Mfukoni App” from your Play Store
    • Self-registering your account to the service
    • Getting your PIN reset
  •  Accessing Online Banking by;
    • Going to http://chasebank.co.ke/onlinebanking
    • Signing up for the Online Banking service
    • Getting your Username and Password for your account

For any queries on any of our digital banking platforms and how to get on board, drop us an email via atyourservice@chasebank.co.ke, or WhatsApp 0773 758 196.


Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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