Inspiration + Action = Transformation:Do You See Flaws or Flowers?

It is often said we are our own worst critics.

Do you sometimes see imaginary flaws in yourself or judge your imperfections (and those of others) too harshly?

Unlike we humans who look on the outside and are easily impressed by perfect-looking appearances, God doesn´t look on the outside before anointing us to be bearers of His good news and His love. He loves us despite knowing about our visible and invisible flaws. In His eyes you are beautiful and precious.

On this hadithi episode we learn from 2 pots and a water bearer what to do when we discover our own and other peoples imperfections.

God can take our messes and turn them into messages. He can take our tests and turn them into testimonies.

Tune in to hear 2 IAT tips (Inspiration + Action = Transformation) on what to do about those human flaws that we can not change.

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By Nancy Gathecha

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