Kenyan Embassy in Washington DC announces cancellation of 2015 Kenya Diaspora Conference


Kenya_EmbassyThe Kenyan Embassy based in Washington DC has announced that the previously scheduled Diaspora Conference has been cancelled. In a statement released on Friday, the Embassy said that funds allocate to the conference have been spent on other projects past and upcoming. Here is the statement from the Embassy.

Dear Kenyans,

During the month of March this year, the Embassy invited members of the Diaspora to share their opinions and recommendations on the most suitable venue-city in the United States to hold the 2015 Diaspora Conference.

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The Embassy also requested for volunteers to assist in the preparatory committees. The Embassy wishes to express its sincere appreciation to all members of the Diaspora who volunteered to serve in the preparatory committees and took time to provide feedback/suggestions on their venue-cities of preference.

However, in the intervening period several developments have ensued. Among them;

1. The Government successfully hosted the Kenya Easter Diaspora Investment Conference in Nairobi from 31st March to 2nd April this year – which utilized substantial resources earmarked for engagement with the Diaspora during the current year.

2. The Governments of Kenya and the United States agreed to co-host the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Nairobi this July and the President of the United States announced that he would be attending the conference. In the months leading up to the visit, the Embassy will be committing most of its time and resources to logistical preparations and other arrangements for the historic visit.

3. Upon conclusion of the GES, the Embassy will immediately commence making arrangements for several high-level events that will take place during the UN General Assembly period. The Embassy will also be involved in preparations for the World Bank Annual meetings – which are scheduled to take place in October.

In view of the above, and upon extensive consultations with Nairobi, it has been determined that the Embassy will not hold a Diaspora Conference in the USA this year as previously intended. In lieu of the Diaspora Conference, the Embassy will continue to participate in all local initiatives, conferences and meetings organized by Kenyan Diaspora Associations in the United States in their respective cities.

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