Kenyans do nothing Good in America. Is this a Joke?


A number of white Americans were having a conversation about US President, Barack Obama. They were making analysis of what good he has done as president. “When we voted for him, we expected him to be different, not to favor black people or white people.” They expressed their hope that being from Kenya, they thought he would be ‘race neutral.’ With his term almost coming to an end, many Christian evangelical republicans have gone back to their basement. They have their ideological guns out and anything, African, Kenyan, or black does not look productive or Christian!

As I listened to these buddies of mine, I remembered immediately after Obama became president. I was flying back from Mexico City via Miami. By the way, avoid Mexico City, Mexico by all means. It is not a hospitable place for Black Africans. And it is not pleasant anyway. Unless you love Mexican food served by characters who do not understand englesia! Anyway, the Miami immigration officer took my Kenyan passport, I love my Kenyan passport! He smiled and said ‘Obama’s country’. This white guy was so happy to be talking to a guy from Kenya. Recently during my business travels, it is not as pleasant. As I sat there listening, I had a verifiable case of the shifting sentiment from his election to now.

This however bothered me because it seems that every time someone does something against the desires of others, they crucify everybody in that race. It is like the woman who wanted Peter to be crucified with Christ. “That man was also with him.” She said. Of course Peter denied it several times. Wouldn’t you? No one wants to be associated with a radical! The recent Baltimore, Maryland, firestorm saw comments that insisted that every where black people are there is chaos. One commentator argued that African tribal warrior mentality is a genetic mutation which makes them violent. What? America has been at war since its inception: White people with African genetic mutation? Nonsense! It is true however that the City of Chicago has neighborhoods which look like Bobolulu: plastic bags everywhere! But does that mean all Africans love plastic bags and MacDonald rappers on their yard?

I do not share the same philosophy as president Obama. He is a constitutional lawyer who dwells in the world of hypotheticals. In that world, everything is just a hypothesis. I am a Christian Philosopher who dwells in Apologetics. In my world, an unborn child is but a child. Therefore I decided to educate these white Anglo – Saxon protestant republicans. I love them because historically they have contributed much to Kenya’s evangelistic efforts. I come from Kijabe and Kijabe hospital is their testimony: It serves thousands from East and Central Africa. But they needed to know who we really are.

Africans come to America and stand in the gap! They do not qualify for government loans or programs yet they work hard in the classroom. They stand in those class rooms as lectures. Others are lawyers, doctors, and engineers. Among these are Kenyans. They buy homes, cars, and groceries, contributing to the economic growth of this republic! It is true that there are Kenyans who are on food stamps but very few. But there are millions of white people who are also on food stamps! Majority of Africans are the reason the health facilities for the elderly and homes in this country are functional at all.

I got personal. “You white people dump your parents into retirement homes when they grow old.
Then you move to California and call them during special holidays like mother’s day or Christmas. Of course you are the first to sue the home if your mother misses a shower. The woman who wiped your matakos until you grew up now sits as if she did not have children!” They stopped me. “What is a matako?” One of them asked. “You are sitting on it the way you sit on it while calling your father to ask how he has been after one year. It does not bother you that he worked all his life to feed you, cloth you, and guarantee that you are driving the new Austin Martin. I can go on and on.” I reminded them of how hard Kenyans work. They have a work ethic that believes in enjoying the fruits of one’s labor not hand outs! One of them asked, “Really?” I responded biblically. “The only reason why God blesses you is because Africans take care of your parents. Remember honor your father and mother? Yet you do not even take time to say thank you to these RNs, CNAs, and LPNs taking care of your parents.”

I informed them of father Samson Ngatia Mukundi a Catholic Priest in Chicago. Every Sunday morning he wears his Cloth and stands before Americans to minister the Holy Communion. Others, Like Ms. Veronica Kariuki, apart from holding post graduate degrees in mathematics; she volunteers her time to teach the youth catechism. They looked at me in disbelief. I went on, “President Obama is a Kenyan American. And I am proud to be associated with him. I do not share his ideas of Marriage or abortion or social warfare. But to disqualify all Africans because of philosophical differences with your president is childish.” I could mention many other things Kenyans do in America: Adding value to this republic!

As a Kenyan America though, President Obama should take to the parents in Kenya a presidential waiver allowing Kenyan students who came to America with an I-120 and dropped out because of circumstances beyond their control to go back to school. Not a hand out, but grace. They will find a way to pay for themselves. That is not too much to ask from a cousin. Is it?

To them who serve, do it to the glory of God and to the name of our continent, republic, and a good people!

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) HTBluff Associates. An EMG Consortium #HTBluff. Diaspora Messenger Columnist

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