My Africa-East- west , Home is best

Africa, my motherland, my pride,

Her soil so rich, her borders wide.

A story known and told worldwide,

But sadly, the news focus only on the tail’s side.


East- west , Home is best; said the old,

And so is my Africa, a continent of gold.

Though painted dark, she is the mother of the bold

Though depicted as cold, we refuse our hands to fold.


Looking at Africa now, the future is clearer than the past,

It doesn’t matter that among the continents, she is numbered last.

Africa is awake, with dreams that will soon turn mouths aghast!

Her time has come, it is now, and the opportunities are vast.


Forgetting about the conflicts and war, Africa is a continent of peace,

He beauty ever  radiating, her goodness will never cease.

If her sons and daughters,  all their potential release,

Then the world should expect nothing less  than watch Africa increase.


Africa,  a continent of might,

Her offspring are blessed, gracious and bright.

Her current darkness will only last for the night,

Because we choose to arise, raise Africa high and shine the light!


Long live Africa, my mama land, my continent,

Happy to belong, I am delighted to represent.

For average, and below, I refuse to be content,

Because Africa is nothing but the best, in this I am confident.



By Liz Ekakoro:Diaspora Messenger contributor

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