daniel WachiraOn Sunday 7th June 2015, our community lost yet another young person through a tragic road accident. Daniel Wachira Karimi was a gifted young man who worked hard like most of us to make ends meet.

Just like many of us, Daniel’s family gave all they had to bring him up and educate him. They particularly sold their property and used all the proceeds to take him to Daystar University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in 2002. Being lovers of education, they sold more property to take him for further studies in Australia where he graduated with a Masters in Business Administration. While he was there, his father passed on and Daniel was not able to go and bury him. 
Shortly afterwards, God blessed him with a Green Card and he relocated to the United States. Here, he took a long time to settle down and faced many challenges, just like other members of the community. A few weeks ago, his grandfather passed away in Kenya and he was not able to go and bury him. All these have been adversely affecting him and he constantly talked about it.
Though his family sacrificed everything to make him successful, they have not had the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor. All his siblings, though well educated, are unemployed. His mother is aging and needy. They were all depending on Daniel and were waiting for the time he will settle down and help them better. Ironically, the once star of the community is about to come home to his devastated family in a casket. This is greatly disturbing. Those of us who have children can understand me.
Daniel was not a very outgoing person and most people in the community do not know him. He recently relocated from Seattle, WA where he was serving in the military. I am therefore appealing to the entire Kenyan community to stand with his family at this difficult time. I agree that he had his shortcomings, failures and weaknesses but so do each one of us. This is not the time to discuss such issues. Death can and will affect each one of us. I urge you to do what Jesus taught us in Matthew 7:12, “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets”. Remember, no man is an island. We all need each other. Daniel deserves an honorable and decent send off. His family needs our support at this difficult time.
We have organized a memorial service / Fundraiser to raise money to help us repatriate his body home. This event will be held at St. Stephens Anglican Church, 279 West 6th St, Lowell, MA from 3 PM. Kindly join us. If for some reason you will be unable to join us on that day, kindly support this cause by giving online through this link
Your support however small will be highly appreciated. May the Lord richly bless you.
In His Service,
Rev. Carl Phillip Kihato, M.A, B.A

Senior Pastor,
ANTOR Christian Church,
12 Church St,
Rockland, MA 02370
CELL 1: +1 781 985 8303

Kaleo Bible College,
P.O Box 416 – 10202,
Kangema, Kenya.
CELL 1: +254 713 169 015
CELL 2: +254 734 849 101

Chaplain (CPT),

United States Army Reserve
719th TC Movement Cntl Bn,
Corporal Gordon M. Craig USARC
915 W. Chestnut Street, Brockton, MA. 02301
Office: (508) 895 8840

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