The students used stones to shatter the windows of the vehicle. PHOTO | WILLIAM OERI
The students used stones to shatter the windows of the vehicle. PHOTO | WILLIAM OERI

A group of students from a Nairobi-based private university caused an ugly scene Friday morning in Roysambu area, Nairobi, after they engaged in a fierce battle over female comrades.

The fighting pitted students from Nigeria and their counterparts from Tanzania.

The foreign students, who usually drive Subaru cars, had been drinking together till the wee hours at a shisha bar in a nearby mall when a disagreement arose over girls.

Witnesses at the bar say the Tanzanians fled with the girls to their rented apartments near the mall, with the Nigerians in hot pursuit.

On realizing that their pursuers were catching up with them, the Tanzanians abandoned their vehicles and hid under other cars parked in the parking lot at their flat.

When the Nigerians could not find them, they turned their wrath on one of the cars belonging a Tanzanian student, breaking the windows as they shouted obscenities at the top of their voices, disturbing the peace in the usually calm neighbourhood.

The Tanzanians, who came out of hiding after the Nigerians had left a few minutes to 6am, claimed that their attackers had injured one of the girls in the eye with broken glass.

There is a big population of students including foreign ones living in the area.

We could not immediately establish whether the aggrieved students had reported the matter to the local police.

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