Marry Him: Qualities Of A Husband Material By Liz Ekakoro

Marry Him: Qualities Of A Husband Material By Liz Ekakoro
Marry Him: Qualities Of A Husband Material By Liz Ekakoro

“So, is there a special someone somewhere?” A question every lady will be asked.  Those who are straight forward enough will “Who’s the lucky guy?” and so on and so forth.  The questions never stop coming. Many ladies, unfortunately, get tired of these questions and quickly  rush into marriage blindly.  A woman  recently got married to herself, because no one  had proposed to her by the time she had turned 40. This is how vital the subject of marriage is to a woman, with the exception of a few.

Marriage, as the adage goes, is not a bed of roses.  A decision that changes one for life; doom or glory.  Therefore, preparation and careful thought should be taken before getting into marriage, an everlasting marriage.

Every woman has something, a quality she looks out for in a man; from sensible to totally misplaced qualities.  Woe unto you, woman, if you are only driven by wealth, six packs and the charming appearance of a man.  Woe unto you, if your love is measured by the size of his pockets. It is better that you do not marry, because all that is but for a season.

Though we  have different tastes and preferences, there are some standard qualities that a wise woman- who’s prepared to be a wife, ought to check out for in the search of a potential husband.


A true relationship with God ought to be the first thing a woman looks out for in man. The rest are secondary.  A man totally sold out to Christ. It does matter a lot. He should be a man who’ll draw you closer to your maker, and not drift you a way.  A man who’ll help you bring up godly children and not leave the task to you. An imitator of Christ. A prayerful man. When you find him, he’ll treat you right regardless. He will love you with all your imperfections, unconditionally. The packages that come with him are understanding, care, compassion, patience, forgiveness, kindness, humility , selflessness and all heavenly values. What more is there to ask for?

A visionary

After marriage, what next? Every woman needs a man with a plan. A life run on auto pilot is sure to fail, and marriage is no exception. Where does he see himself (you) in the next 5 years? If a man has no plan for his own life, what makes you think he’ll get one after marrying you? Don’t be deceived.


Many ladies lie to themselves that it doesn’t matter whether or not the man they get married to works. This is unbiblical in the first place, it is absurd. A man is naturally created to be a provider, how will he do it without working? If a man does not work, it is better for him to be alone. As a woman, I was created to be a man’s helpmate. I will go help him. How do you help a person who is doing nothing?  No matter how powerful your love for him is, no matter how blind you believe your love to be; one day, a miracle will happen and your love blindness will be healed. It might be too late, unfortunately.


Every woman needs a man who’s alert and action driven. He doesn’t wait for things to happen before he can figure out what to do. He makes things happen. A man who is not controlled by his environment, one who is in charge. A man who is in control.

A reader

I don’t know how possible it is to grow without reading.  A man who doesn’t read, I have no words for him.  Above all, a real man reads the bible.

Looks are deceptive. Wealth is short-lived and life is too short to spend  with a visionless man.  A man, totally sold out to Christ, a dreamer, hardworking and hungry for knowledge…..this man….Marry him!

This post was inspired by Dannish Odongo’s post:

Three Non-Negotiable Qualities of Wife Material #WifeMaterial

Find the qualities here:

By Liz Ekakoro:Diaspora Messenger contributor/Moderator-DM News Media Forum


Marry Him: Qualities Of A Husband Material By Liz Ekakoro






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