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Tyranny of numbers will make removing Uhuru difficult

'Tyranny of numbers' will make removing Uhuru difficult, Linturi warns
‘Tyranny of numbers’ will make removing Uhuru difficult, Linturi warns

An MP has warned the Opposition that removing the President would be a tall order, in light of the expected tabling of an impeachment motion.

It is expected that Suba MP John Mbadi will table the motion after the National Assembly resumes from recess on Tuesday.

Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi said; “It might be very difficult to get a vote, especially with the tyranny of numbers in parliament.”

“It will be an uphill task to impeach the President [based] on utterances and announcements made on radio and television.”

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Linturi noted that there may be grounds for the impeachment and said Mbadi, in tabling it, would be exercising his duty as an MP.

The Consitution does not state that the President is above the law, he said during a Citizen TV interview on Tuesday, but asked the public to stop supporting leaders without knowing their motives.

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He said Cord will have a chance to “talk about the president while enjoying Parliament’s immunity'” but cautioned against “an emotional debate, or one that will divide us along party lines”.

Linturi asked Jubilee MP “to come together, gather facts and be ready to face the impeachment motion”.

Speaking during the interview, Mbadi said the motion against Uhuru is “unique” as it is the first under the new Constitution, and called for fairness in dealing with all leaders.

“I expect members to objectively look at the motion, regardless of their parties, and make independent decisions,” he said, noting that the Opposition only raises concerns and is not mandated with providing solutions.

Mbadi said Cord believes there is information regarding national issues that Uhuru is keeping from the public.

“We want to impeach the President on grounds that he declared the office of the Deputy IG vacant. Kenyans want to know what the ‘step-aside’ criteria is for state officers involved in corruption allegations,” he said.

“Kenyans are still waiting for a commission of enquiry to interrogate Westgate attack. We want to know the findings of Mpeketoni attacks,” he added.

Mbadi said he expects the “active” motion to come up in Parliament, adding that the President must respect the Constitution and the law.

But National Assembly majority leader Aden Duale earlier dared Cord to table the impeachment motion against the President.

Duale said Cord has tried several times to ascend to power “through the back-door” but that they “have chosen the wrong approach” this time.

Tyranny of numbers will make remoing Uhuru difficult

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