Interesting:Nanyuki Woman Offers Daughter to Uhuru’s Son


uhuru-kenyatta-family-1A Nanyuki woman has reportedly offered her daughter for marriage to any of President Uhuru’s sons.

Speaking to The Nairobian, Margaret Karimi said she is willing to offer her daughter, Stefanie, to be married by one of the president’s sons when she turns 18.

According to the local daily, Karimi claimed her daughter is a ‘smart and bright’ girl and can fit well in the First Family.

“I wouldn’t mind if one of his boys marries my daughter. I will be very happy if that happens. I want her to have a bright future and I am confident the First Family will give her exactly that,” she said.

She however seemingly ruined her daughter’s chances of joining the First family when she confessed that she once suspected her daughter had joined a cult due to strange behaviors.

“I once suspected my daughter had joined a cult after she started behaving strangely. That is why I want Uhuru to treat her like one of his,” she said.


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