Can You Make Money Doing What You Enjoy?

Everyone has something they are passionate about.
Time just flies when you are doing things you enjoy, whether it’s cooking, writing, working on electronics or doing sports.
If it wasn’t for the rent and gas money, many of us would rather spend hours doing things we enjoy. It’s not only energizing, but very fulfilling as well.
But did you know there are people who are successfully following their passion and making profits?
It’s possible to generate extra income doing what you enjoy either as a side hustle or even a full-time business.
In  chapter 7 of my latest book Passion To Profit – How To Follow Your Passion and Make money Doing What You Enjoy, I interviewed and compiled 12 stories of people who are running businesses doing what they are passionate about. The international case studies show us what’s possible with determination, a good work ethic and developed skill-sets its possible to escape the 9-5 grind or simply make extra cash doing what we are gifted and talented at.
One of the people in the book following his passion as a part-time business is Clifford Owusu.
You can enjoy more of his entertaining videos on YouTube.
Discover how you too can successfully follow your passion for profits when you get your copy of the eBook, workbook and bonus MP3 here.
By Nancy Gathecha

Nancy Gathecha is an author, speaker, digital strategist, and podcast producer. Connect with her at

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